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Ann Beaver Jul 2019
We float
On and on
In and out
Lonely and numb
One inch from each other
Punch through
This plastic air
This skyscraper construct
Of should
Or shouldn’t
Of go
Or stay
A misunderstanding
Ann Beaver May 2019
Flock dynamics
straight line or curve
arrive anyway
Seems like the only way
of reaching out again.
Ann Beaver Mar 2019
Three words looking at the moon
Listening with eyes
I arrive here
Combing through the night
Looking for just a second
Yes you may
Cut through this loneliness
As long as I don’t let on
That I need in any way
Was there a time I was beautiful?
Come closer with whatever
You have to say
Please stay
Ann Beaver Jan 2019
I am still shedding the skin
That knew how to love.
They say it takes seven years
To be born again
No matter how much you burn
The cells that knew
They are there
And you don’t have the power
Time has
Ann Beaver Dec 2018
I wanted it to be us
Pulling away from the bottom
Of the deep end;
But smeared lipstick reminds me:
This is only temporary.  
They will only love you
As long as you are loveable
As long as you are good

I would have shook off
This dark veil
To see you more clearly

I would have loved
This world
In its chaos
Beautiful spirals in and out
Of madness
Of loneliness and beckoning
Over and over
A tolling bell.
Ann Beaver Jul 2018
The only thing that grows
is the space between.
You don't want what this body knows

questions pile up evermore
What does this mean?
Why don't you want me anymore?

On and on
this suffering plays
my heart is its song

I ask, "how long?"
it doesn't respond.
Ann Beaver Jun 2018
Things circle and sway,
threads bare and fray,
I lean in to hear you
because I cannot clearly say
what this body knows.

Questions I pose,
frames I build
chaos ensnaring
What is your trick called, "caring"

A lonely box for each of us
blue. steel. cold.
Now it does rust.
Now, another day is sold.
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