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As the Night is drawn,
In the spectacles of my mind.
I stand alone,
In the shadows of light.

My eyes turn to the moon,
Whose gaze is pallid and ghastly.
Now they shift,
Becoming Scarlet irsises.

I am a beast of the night,
The nocturnal moon is my call.
To summon from sleep,
And all.

Nocturnal forever.
A girl of the night.
I am the one in the shadows.
I fight for that right.
Rawr Night owl!!!
Maria, Maria, let the roses surround you!
You're beauty is a trait.
It was meant for you!
Joyous and cheerful,
Upbeat and confident,
Is of no compare to those to be said ominous!
Oh Maria,
Since the day of my genesis,
And I saw you
I love you!

I, I just can't
I can't explain how
Adoring you are!
You figuratively
And literally
Are a beauty
To this world
The gods are lucky
To have such a beauty
like you!
 Oct 2015 AuntieBelle
For I am exploding,
With bliss
In a reproductive ****
Sending my offspring
On the winds
Life taking hold
everywhere I go.


Taking a moment of silence,
For dear Gaia
For giving me this time,
For all that made life possible,

For this burning to be alive.

For not being the cousins
in the woodstoves
which just got a taste,
burned and died.

For the match lights
Short life
Shorter than a candle light.

For who and where I am,
connected to the stars
who devour and mother all of our lives

Struggling to survive.

For all fire,
All life
through out the universe,
For all who will become
a dead silent

I pray,

It has been another year of forest fires, acting like no others in past history. Fire is a force of nature with no mercy,terrifying, more powerful than fragile humans, it also has all of the characteristics of life, perhaps the real alien life form.
 Oct 2015 AuntieBelle
Ocean wave
curls and calls
gives its all
The ocean is never silent.
 Oct 2015 AuntieBelle
Here we go
Round and round

It's all there
in that loving sound.

Your sweet eyes, they close,
Your lips, they open to mine
Here we go
Round and round
Singing our loving sound.

We know life will drag us down
Fingers grasping at ledges
All the way down
Here we go
Round and round.

I came to  you
You came to me
We both whispered words so true
We took a chance
We took the leap
Holding on to each other
All the way through
Here we go
Round and round.

Our eyes, they locked
Our arms, they held,
That grassy hill
Soft and sweet
We left our feet
Rolling round and round
All the way on down.

The skies above
The ground's below
We're somewhere in between
I know you know exactly what I mean,
Here we go
Round and round
Singing our loving sound.
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