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You may have created me
But you will never be my parent
You killed every chance you had
Didn't even spare it
You've shown nothing but abuse
Using the term "dad" as an excuse
******* us all up with your selfish desires
Loving you will never be required
I don't care if he's my Father I have no reason to respect this man, he did not give me life he gave me hell.
Love disregards race
Where you meet in the time of place
As well as gender
We can't just crush our feelings inside a blender
Distance does not matter
Enough about the social ladder
Our lives don't matter to you
You're so ignorant you don't even have
A clue
If you love and go for it ***** everyone else
Your voice is the eerie screech of nails on a chalkboard haunting my memory
But it doesn't affect my ears
Just my soul
Just because I don't talk about how I feel  
Does not mean I don't care
There's a lot more behind this solid blank stare
I have what you call resting ***** face
The people who don't like you don't matter
Live your life
**** all the racist and homophobics and these people who hate you for no reason.
Your memories are the tattoos inked inside of me, no matter how much I want them removed, burning them off will hurt even more than the pain of having them .
Even if he walks through fire for you
And speaks with words like Shakespeare's Romeo, a man who cheats does not
Love you
I know there's open relationships I don't care! The snakes who manipulate women get to me
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