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 Dec 2014 Ary
Kailey Brown
 Dec 2014 Ary
Kailey Brown
Ironic isn't it?
A poem about poetry?
A small thing talking about
The larger thing that is makes up.

But that's what poetry is.

Poetry is made up of words
That people are afraid to say,
Yet yearn to write because
Everyone needs to let the words escape.

Poetry is a collection of poems,
Which are a collection of words,
Which are a collection of thoughts,
Which are a collection of ideas.

Poetry is a collection of everything that makes a person who he is.

So, yes, this is a poem about poetry
Because poems are about expression
And desire,
And the desire to express.

That's what I have,
A desire for expression.
So, I'm expressing my desire
By writing a poem about poetry.

Poetry is the small thing that makes up the big thing.
That big thing is me,
And people around me.

And we make up the world.
 Dec 2014 Ary
Elizabeth Kelly
Feeling not so pretty
in the middle of the night

I've got a glass of wine
and a fluorescent light.

I've got a fridge full of leftovers

of feelings

of spite

I've got a bottle to my left

and its contents to my right.

And there's a morning fast approaching
In which the real life lies

but my body isn't tired
and my brain is stirring fry

and my hands are typing nonsense
as my face becomes my eyes

there's a birdie in the corner
in the corner with the flies

I've got one more chance to make it
but my head's become my mind

I've got one more chance to shake it
but I just can't quite decide.
 Jul 2014 Ary
paper boats
When I met tragedy
She was beautiful
Like bleeding wrists
And dead daydreams

When I met tragedy
I fell in love
Her watery eyes
Her blue lips

But Soon,
She faded,
A sinking ship
A full moon
A rose's thorns in bloom

Gone was my apathy
...When I met tragedy...
If not for tragedy's would you know what happiness is?
 Jun 2014 Ary
paper boats
 Jun 2014 Ary
paper boats
We were never meant to be.
The poetry I wrote,
**You didn't read.
 Jun 2014 Ary
 Jun 2014 Ary
The azure-blue sky caught my eyes
It resembles the colour of your eyes
The eyes which once had been impeccable for me
Alas those eyes are treacherous

Ignore the quaint blue eyes
Focus on the make shift love it gave
Careful with its impish eye smile
Cause those eyes are feigned and ambiguous
 Jun 2014 Ary
Shanay Love
Embellishing our
in the euphoria of our
artificial affections
spoil me;
until Reality straitens
my smile
 Mar 2014 Ary
Rachel Ueda
 Mar 2014 Ary
Rachel Ueda
My entire life
Has been
To creating
A web of lies
Stronger than
Any wall
The hurt
Dare to build

Not even
My blood
Those whom
I call friends
I've hurt without
Them even
There is no
Secret lover
Who I've confessed
My sins
There is no
Stranger I once
Found redemption
And there is no story
Out there in the world
That it's truly mine

Not even these
I wrote to lazily
To make rhyme
 Mar 2014 Ary
Marsya Ian
 Mar 2014 Ary
Marsya Ian
Can i attract your mind
And ****** your heart
Pull your feelings
Give me your soul
So you'll be empty on the inside
So you'll know how
How it's like
To be me

 Mar 2014 Ary
 Mar 2014 Ary
There's a sign on you;
"We Never Close"
like a diner,
there's just something about you
about that sign that made me keep coming back.
A promise of consistency I hold onto,
even on nights where I struggled
between two nightmares,
I opened my eyes and you're there,
with a plate full of things
I never actually remembered ordering,
but it came anyway,
full of hopes and sweet dreams,
which the taste of it gave me a vision
of the next fifty years of my life with you.

It's sad to think,
The cracks on the kitchen walls,
The squeaking of the bedroom door,
The sweet scent of vanilla in my room,
The emptiness of the hallway,
don't even seem like "home" to me
I found a home
In the twinkle of your eyes,
In the vibration of your voice,
In the light that kisses your skin,
In every little part of you,
I found a home in you.

The only place where I can come back.
To turn to when everything gets dark.
Because the flashes of the neon lights,
of "We Never Close"
give me an assurance
and some kind of tranquility
and which only you can give.
 Mar 2014 Ary
Take my hand
 Mar 2014 Ary
Take my hand,
and let's hop on every stars we've seen,
dance with me on the moons of Jupiter,
waltz around the milky way,
tango with me on that rock up there.
Let's float with fairy dusts
stuck on our icy cold lashes.
Take my hand
and let's form a constellation
of two lovers holding hands.
Let's be the falling stars
that they wished upon.
Take my hand
and let's travel together.
With every book we've read,
our journey starts there.
From Wonderland to Neverland.
**Close your eyes,we're heading somewhere.
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