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Marsya Ian Sep 2014
I was aware
to not opening my door
just in case
you never meant to stay.
But how do I resist when
i kept on seeing your smile
and hearing what you said
by the window?

what if you told me
you'd stay
but then you'll go?

Marsya Ian Jun 2014
I know I shouldn't be missing you
And that I should be living the days
as usual
Back when I haven't met you
Back when you first heard my name

My thoughts are occupied
With your idea
And it's still so sickly beautiful.
How we ended, it numbs me
Although it stopped,
Our love stay abide
An eternal solace in my heart.

Marsya Ian Apr 2014
I could show the world how
Much love i have for you
I could, but i have several thoughts

I could come up to your
Front door then knock with
A frigid body and a broad smile
I could, but i know you wouldn't
Open the door

I could gaze at your brown hazel eyes without
Ever feeling weary and bored
I could, but you wouldn't even
Walk in my way

I could wait for a couple of days
Or even years
Even if it takes a long time.
This time I would wait,
Eventhough I know it's meaningless
You would never considered about me

Push people away.
Marsya Ian Feb 2014
Can i attract your mind
And ****** your heart
Pull your feelings
Give me your soul
So you'll be empty on the inside
So you'll know how
How it's like
To be me

Marsya Ian Jan 2014
Does the pain lingers
Even if you washed it through
Does the flashback hurts
Forcing you to remember it all

A scar is going to appear.

How hideous it is going to be carved on your skin
How bitter the memory you will reminisce

But no matter what,
You have won against your fear.

Life is full of unexpectations. Full of irony. Full of things you never thought it will be.
Sometimes, you are given choices; to stay safe or step out of the box to deal with your fear.
A fear that haunts you forever, would you let it take over or brace yourself  to take risks for something new? I would.
Marsya Ian Jan 2014
Behind the smile
There is a pain
He can never explain

Behind the laughter
I heard a cry
He can never tell why

With his brown hazel eyes
And a hoarse gloomy voice
Stuck in his own world
Seeing a girl who used to be special
Could she still exists in his reality?
When all he sees looks like imaginary

Why did she left him,
When he thought he made her happy
Where did it went wrong,
He thought their love were strong
Why did she let go of his hand,
The life he is having now is plain

No, darling she is not just his another girl,
She makes his heart and world twirl

He is asking with all his guts to confess
Is it possible for her to come back and be his *princess?
Marsya Ian Dec 2013
My eyes wild around that night
Never wanted to shut off or being closed
It was raining heavily,
I can feel the raindrops kissing my skin
Can it dissipate all of the pain?
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