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Rachel Ueda May 2018
When I close my eyes
I can see his half
Smile half smirk
I can see his distant eyes
That somehow find me

I can hear his laugh
And feel his strength

I remember what life was like
When he was my
How much I laughed
How tall I felt

When I close my eyes
I can feel his weight
I can feel my heart panic

My skin remembers the trace
Of his finger tips and
And how all I could do was
Freeze in place

The air felt heavy and
My tears so light


“It’s okay. I love you.”


And then I open my eyes.
I love you too.
I love the version of you I knew
And the version I knew was hidden

I saw your souls and there was black
And parts are unexusable
You’re actions will not be dismissed

In a number of days
The gavel will click
And the metal will swing

But you should know
I loved you so

But it was never okay
Rachel Ueda May 2016
I was chasing a girl

Who was chasing a thrill

Was  I ?

I kissed her

I think she could taste the fear

Could she ?

I love her

She loves... Her

No question there
Rachel Ueda Apr 2016
Pill popping
Prescription lists
Cars pulling in
People coming out
Strangers and friends
Love and hate
Painted across their face


Give it take it

Here we are all vulnerable
A band on our arm
A mark on our face
Insecurities aren't invisible in a self help parking lot

Bulimics naw their lips in harmony
Depressed teens exchange empty glances
Worried parents sympathize in pen clicks
Anxiety covers us all in musical foot taps

we are all lost
we are all hurt

Is what I found
In the self help
Parking lot
  Mar 2016 Rachel Ueda
i saw you the way an artist does
brilliant and bathed in holy fire
your scars
the strokes of a brush
your anatomy every medium
your smile
a photograph in
black and white
your lips
oil on canvas
your eyes
watercolor on paper
your hair
texture and dimension
on a portrait
you and i
an unfinished graffiti
an unorthodox art form
fleeting and reflective
but a masterpiece
Rachel Ueda Mar 2016
Her heart is hers
But her hand was mine
In that stolen moment
We became intertwined

Every chance we could find
I found her skin and she found mine

Breathing steady
The pace never changed
We just loved
Like it was natural
To steal a moment
Where her heart was hers
But her touch was mine

I know she thinks of another
I know it's not only in one
She has found one of a kind

But for a night her love was mine
And my love was hers
In every touch
In every breath
In every glance
We dared to take

I know her heart is hers
I don't expect it to be mine
I have my own
With stolen moments
To keep it beating and alive
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