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  Jul 2016 Ary
samantha neal
That night he reached for my hand
My fingers corroded.
Every nail of mine rusted over and began to crumble;
But, I kept holding on and fought against all the chemicals in my body working against his touch.

When he talked, I tried to keep up with simple conversation;
However, every time I went to speak
My lungs became oxidized.
I would choke on every letter that managed to escape;
But, I still said things I probably shouldn't.

And as he kissed me, I felt my mouth
Crystallize entirely.
Snowflakes frosted my lips and my teeth hardened into quartz;
But, I allowed it to happen over and over because
He always "loved how my smile shined."

When he was near, every atom in my body buzzed
Pressed against my skin and bones.
All protons, neutrons, and electrons collided against each other.
Fighting to escape
As if the cells that made me knew as explosion was near;
But, I didn't listen because I thought chemistry was just about balancing equations.
Ary Jul 2016
I've been living with a strong woman in my entire life. She's so strong yet so fragile. She cares about her kids and ignores the negativities and overcome the obstacles with patience. She always nags at us for delaying our prayers. Ever since my dad passed away,she's my dad,my mum, my bestfriend and my entire life. She takes care of the three of us sisters with care. She works so hard to let me enter to medical school to pursue my dreams because she doesn't want me to be like her. Little does she knows, I really want to be like her. Not academically. I want to have her strength when she endures the pain, the patience when she overcomes obstacles, the caring side of her when she restraints herself to avoid to see us in pain, she's an angel in disguise. But she doesn't want to be known as an angel so I called her Mother.
I love you so much. You are the greatest gift.
Ary Jul 2016
Why are you still here?

Because I remember that night at this hour you begged for me to stay. And this is what I'm doing. I'll stay
  Jul 2016 Ary
i could never gave them a real answer
"why do you write?"
Four words
This is where
my mind will go blank
because you used to be the reason why I write
but now that you're gone
things just don't make sense
so many things
are clouding my brain
to protrude from my mouth
and out towards everything.
Every little thing
that used to be the reason
why I write,
eventually burnt away.
  Jul 2016 Ary
There's a sign on you;
"We Never Close"
like a diner,
there's just something about you
about that sign that made me keep coming back.
A promise of consistency I hold onto,
even on nights where I struggled
between two nightmares,
I opened my eyes and you're there,
with a plate full of things
I never actually remembered ordering,
but it came anyway,
full of hopes and sweet dreams,
which the taste of it gave me a vision
of the next fifty years of my life with you.

It's sad to think,
The cracks on the kitchen walls,
The squeaking of the bedroom door,
The sweet scent of vanilla in my room,
The emptiness of the hallway,
don't even seem like "home" to me
I found a home
In the twinkle of your eyes,
In the vibration of your voice,
In the light that kisses your skin,
In every little part of you,
I found a home in you.

The only place where I can come back.
To turn to when everything gets dark.
Because the flashes of the neon lights,
of "We Never Close"
give me an assurance
and some kind of tranquility
and which only you can give.
  Jul 2016 Ary
You are just an ordinary girl,
with the red lipstick as your shield,
Breathing in the pleasant wordings,
that society itself spills,
You are nothing but a sham,
Beneath that black mascara,
Locks the origin of your charm,
shows the end of your beautiful era.

Oh False Goddess,
You were once pure,
just an ordinary girl,
so ordinary yet extraordinary,
an idea came before that we should marry,
but look at you now,
I feel so displeased,
a thought came into my mind,
"as long as you are pleased",
Today I  lost a friend,
a woman that i knew,
the relationship is at its end,
but every end begins a new.

Oh False Goddess,
I'm begging you please,
strip away the red and black,
to make me feel at ease,
Don't do this to yourself,
for attention and the fame,
you throw away your dignity,
and burn it down to flames.

Oh False Goddess,
My False Goddess,
You are no longer a Goddess,
nor an ordinary girl,
Just a corpse of false beauty,
that's what you are,
the so called Goddess.
well, this poem is talking about how society wants beauty to look like (i think). i mean, i know you people might say, guys go for looks, but a normal plain face is beautiful. Imagine if you are married, you won't be wearing a mascara or a lipstick 24/7. love someone for the plain normal face that they have. Imagine waking up to a woman that her plain face is enough for you. <3
Ary Jul 2016
Maybe love is you
Maybe love is me
Maybe love is us
Until we don't know which one to trust.
Sorry for disappearing for a long time
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