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 Jul 2016 Ary
samantha neal
That night he reached for my hand
My fingers corroded.
Every nail of mine rusted over and began to crumble;
But, I kept holding on and fought against all the chemicals in my body working against his touch.

When he talked, I tried to keep up with simple conversation;
However, every time I went to speak
My lungs became oxidized.
I would choke on every letter that managed to escape;
But, I still said things I probably shouldn't.

And as he kissed me, I felt my mouth
Crystallize entirely.
Snowflakes frosted my lips and my teeth hardened into quartz;
But, I allowed it to happen over and over because
He always "loved how my smile shined."

When he was near, every atom in my body buzzed
Pressed against my skin and bones.
All protons, neutrons, and electrons collided against each other.
Fighting to escape
As if the cells that made me knew as explosion was near;
But, I didn't listen because I thought chemistry was just about balancing equations.
 Jul 2016 Ary
 Jul 2016 Ary
he broke her;
she thought he would colour her life
with various types of colour

she forgot,
black is also a colour

broken hearts that can not be mended
 Jul 2016 Ary
 Jul 2016 Ary
I want to walk in the empty streets
at night with you
go on a ride late at night;
we can talk about anything
we can lay down
and talk about the Moon
how the stars cannot shine without darkness

and I could tell you that I love you
I could tell you how you made me
so happy with my life

and how you could be
the best thing,
I have ever had

i love you so much that just the thoughts of losingyou scares me to death
 Jul 2016 Ary
 Jul 2016 Ary
we regret the things we never did
we love the wrong person
we take a wrong step
we never appreciate things

Sometimes we cry
Sometimes we laugh

Sometimes we remain silent
but our minds are full with thoughts
Thoughts that shouldn't be thought

we push people away
because we don't wanna get hurt

we get attached because we trust them
we need to let go
we need to move on
it's now
 Jul 2016 Ary
My love for her
 Jul 2016 Ary
"There are no words to describe how beautiful she is,
or how special she is, or my love for her.
To put these things into words would be to define them,
To quantify them, which means to limit them.
There would be a beginning and an end.
There is no definition fitting, nor any limit,
nor beginning or end to her beauty,
or to how special she is, or my love for her.
my love for her."
 Mar 2015 Ary
brian mclaughlin
Lives lost
a terrible cost
for the stupidity
of men seeking power

Many children do starve
with no turkey to carve
for the stupidity
of men seeking power

Many more are now homeless
as the people grow hopeless
for the stupidity
of men seeking power

It's this power they seek
that paints a picture so bleak
for their stupidity
of caring only for power
 Dec 2014 Ary
If heartbreak
 Dec 2014 Ary
If heartbreak cannot be healed
Will many people commit suicide on the hill
Because of the pain that they feel?

If heartbreak does not has a cure
Does there any people will be having fun at the seashore
Even during the snow?

If heartbreak does not fade
Even the time is the aid
To heal the pain that you create?
How people will tolerate
The pain that stay remain behind the rib cage?

If heartbreak cannot be avoided
Are people will get paranoid?
Or drown in a flashflood

Of their tears?
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