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Ari White Jun 2017
i could blame being unseen on my spine
or maybe i'll pretend
everyone just has raspberry jam in their eyes
Ari White Jun 2017
i wish i was small enough to crawl into a light socket
so i could be a black sliver
the top right eye on the face of a wall
then i could see the world
and hear the world
and never interact with such a world
Ari White Mar 2017
honey on a lightbulb
in the hopes
for shiny bees

and itsy bitsy blankets
for the bed bugs
just trying to sleep

i feel bad for planets
galaxies and milkshakes
unable to receive

pick up my phone call
pick up the moon

i am sorry for the things
i don't understand
the soap bubbles and the seams
Ari White Jan 2017
last night i killed a cat
he attacked me at the home in my head
was reincarnated into a duck
then followed me around
this has to do with you and me
and i think i want you dead
Ari White Jun 2016
a late night phone call
from you
leaves voicemails in my head

isn’t the sound
of you calling back

is the sound
of love changing

i can hear you sleeping
and it hurts my ears

do you hear me?
my nauseous heart
is an insomniac

the doctor
prescribes me to the moon
because his ears
unlike yours
have a cochlea made from love
Ari White Jan 2016
the world hasn't changed
but blow out the candles anyway

i suggest,
  you leave the wishes
tucked somewhere in your noggin

because expectations
are disappointments
in a short and sweet disguise
Ari White Jan 2016
i want to be reincarnated into water
with you
all of you

i want god to pour us in
straight into this ice cube tray
floating in space

i want to wait
until we form one solid ball
to mimic the earth we failed

and then i  want god to smile
as he puts our planet into his cosmic beverage
and gets drunk on our understanding
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