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Ari White Jun 19
i cannot wait to die
free myself from skin
sunscreen and subtitles

the conversation is repetitive
and your compliment is neither
kind nor informative

i cannot wait to be
Ari White Apr 23
i can taste claustrophobia
and it tastes like vanilla ice cream

white is not a color
but rather the lack there of

that is who i am
i am - everything but

the only temple i pray to
burns every summer

and my father made me into a snowflake
cold and melting

my mouth tastes like mothballs
a few times a day

maybe it means i'm dying
turning into an attic from the inside

i'm reminded
every time i say my name

i'm the illusion of a crayon box
Ari White Apr 1
face the jaw
the dark black
plaid taped to the wall isn't enough
to hide blue eyes
and trap door wells
insecurities in an international plug isn't enough
i just don't fit

come home
so i don't have to think
love is plaid upgraded to flannel
warmer on an atomic level
something fingertips feel
help me feel it, please

because i'm driving a manual
and i need a softer touch
i don't speak the language
but i was always a foreigner
so there isn't much difference in saying hello
and shifting

stop with the excuses
start to watch
with binoculars see who you come from
maybe the tension will pass
or maybe life is tension
a strong breath and a glass of red wine

home is here
home is near
Ari White Oct 2018
let’s paint an intimate word
take our body of work and
slice it to pieces
little cubes of meat
i’ll make you a home cooked meal
if you eat my vibrations
tonight everything feels medium rare
sorry for the blood
it seeps through - sometimes it just wants
to be seen
Ari White Oct 2018
chemical empathy
can be a
clouded consciousness
Ari White Oct 2018
i'm worried all the time
a constant need to check the earth
and my underbelly
to see if it's separating
but maybe it's just the planet moving
the hum drum continuum
or  maybe it's my body recognizing
how breakable the universe is

so sometimes
i don't move
to save the earth from shattering
it's okay
you can depend on me
i know you're dizzy from the circles
infinity is a merry go round
and i am the sun
Ari White Jun 2017
let's make love like snails
fully give in
to what is underneath
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