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There's a storm brewing
In the horizon I see
The lightning of raging jealousy
Winds of rumors blown my way
Torrents of hatred pouring on my head
But I put on my rain coat and weather the storm of jealousy
He was 'hungry'
So I fed him
My time
My emotions
My fears and dreams
My heart.
Now my plate is empty
And he leaves
Check paid
No tip.
With each tear in my heart
Another poem is written
A **** less is given
And one less life to live in
I guess I should be grateful
But I'm to upset
Over the aftermath
Talking Back Nov 19
There are times and situations
Where I know I should smile
When I should be happy and elated
Instead in tired and life seems vile

So I retreat to the voices in my head
And we just talk for a while
Talking Back Nov 17
You were
With your
And now all I yearn for
Is to emotionally
Be free.
Talking Back Nov 5
You are the Universe
Disguised as a human
Transcendent upon land
For a better tomorrow
You are a new day
Make the best of it
Talking Back Nov 3
It hurts
To know
To fathom
To understand
That I will never be your number one
Or even anything to you
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