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Justin Jul 4
Kamusta ka,
Naaalala mo pa ba ako
O naaalala mo pa ba ang pagmahal ko

Aking L
Ang iyong damdamin ay saakin pa ba
O Nasa iba na

Aking L

Patawad dahil hindi ko talaga kaya
na mawala ka sa aking buhay

Aking L
sana nahanap muna ang
iyong kasayahan

Aking L

Kahit hindi man lang ako ang magpapasaya sa iyo
Minahal kita ng buong puso ko
This is gonna be in my native language so bear with me
Justin Jul 3
I cant feel
for others

You really
made me
to you

Made me
Yearn for
your touch
your smile

I cant
find love
from others

Even if
You're not
with me

I'm still
you're back
Unhealthy addictions
Justin Jul 3
It's gonna a while huh
before we're gonna
See each other

How are you by the way
I've been good
I think since

My heart has a hole
But that's not your fault
Mostly mine really

I really do miss you
like really do
a lot

But as you said we needed to grow
Grow up but not with each other
Grow up cause we cant be with each other

Not until then
We both meet
the requirement

I'm already feeling lonely
and you might have found
someone else already

Even though you said you really love me
But probably not enough as that guy
But for me though

I really did love you
I really do love you
And even now

I still love you,

If you see this, its either we're back or you've gone to someone else
But until then
I'll wait
Justin Jan 31
The voices tell me of a man
The homewrecker heartbreaker
They call him
They say that he was cursed

Cursed to be unloved
So he sought out for it
But he ended up a nuisance
Breaking into others hearts

Or rather
Breaking back in to some
But as it always ended
He was still an invader

There is no place for him
No place anywhere
Even to those who
Offered him a place

He cannot feel at ease
He knows his own horrors
His own actions
He knows he brings nothing but ruin
This feeling is back
I thought it was gone but no
Justin Jan 13
Your scent still
Lingers within
My soul

Yet it feels
Faded now
As you aren't here

But I know
We'll see each other
Soon enough

That I don't have
To be anxious
About losing my fix
I already miss her even tho i just saw her yesterday
Justin Jan 11
I've only felt happiness in my memory
But it all changed when you came to me
As I saw you with red cheeks
I was immediately smitten

I feel like the cursed has been lifted
By your presence alone
As a reward for that
accept my love and what remains of my soul

I will be yours
Till the end of my life
I can finally feel love once more
To you I'll give it all

Through everything I will risk
Even if the world comes crashing down
I will be right beside you
I promise you that
Not the best love poem
But this is a first for me ok
Justin Jan 6
Even If I'm not in your heart
I will stand by you

Even if your world falls apart
I will stand by you

No matter how ****** you think you are
I will stand by you

No matter what happens
I will stand by you
I'm gonna keep giving you pieces of my heart
Because you deserve it more than I do
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