Justin 2d
Your scent still
Lingers within
My soul

Yet it feels
Faded now
As you aren't here

But I know
We'll see each other
Soon enough

That I don't have
To be anxious
About losing my fix
I already miss her even tho i just saw her yesterday
Justin 4d
I've only felt happiness in my memory
But it all changed when you came to me
As I saw you with red cheeks
I was immediately smitten

I feel like the cursed has been lifted
By your presence alone
As a reward for that
accept my love and what remains of my soul

I will be yours
Till the end of my life
I can finally feel love once more
To you I'll give it all

Through everything I will risk
Even if the world comes crashing down
I will be right beside you
I promise you that
Not the best love poem
But this is a first for me ok
Justin Jan 6
Even If I'm not in your heart
I will stand by you

Even if your world falls apart
I will stand by you

No matter how ****** you think you are
I will stand by you

No matter what happens
I will stand by you
I'm gonna keep giving you pieces of my heart
Because you deserve it more than I do
Justin Jan 6
Connect my hear with yours

So we can both feel whole again
Piece by piece
Im losing more
Justin Jan 3
The cursed has struck
Yet again
I am alone

When will I find
Someone who
Can lift this
Curse of mine

The curse
Of the
Rejected again
Justin Jan 3
The demon who sought to love
Has taken a liking
To a girl who
found light in him

Yet this girl
Has sold her soul
To a devil
Sought to exploit her

The demon wanted
To find a way to free her
Yet the girl has accepted
Her Terrible fate that awaited
I really want to help this person
Justin Jan 3
A new dawn has arrived

And So are did the demons

From the past I've left

Nothing now

But to accept

The darkness

I am in this void

I chose to be imprisoned

But I didn't say

I don't like it
I have no clue
I'm in a darker mindset
Blood will run
Probably from my wrist
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