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Angela K Apr 2018
I hope this isn't creepy
But I make love to you everyday
In my head
I prefer falling inlove
From a distance
To look into eyes with wander
And ponder
What lies beneath those seas of brown
Cause really I'm scared to reach in
And have my hand hit the hard surface right under,
To find that those seas are just
shallow puddles
Angela K Apr 2018
Being with you
was more learn than love
Thank you for that
Angela K Apr 2018
Like a cigarette
You give substance
To the air I breathe
Angela K Mar 2018
It's past 3am
It should be over now
Angela K Mar 2018
The scariest turn out
             of dying
                 Is waking up right after
In the same place you left off
Angela K Mar 2018
I wallow and watch
The sallow sun
As it gets swallowed
By the waves of gushing blue -
A quick reminder that we were just
More or less

Just Parts and Pieces
Of a grand scheme
With lost blueprints

Is unrequited love
not love

Has "we" lost meaning?
Has "we" lost you?

Cause I still carry with me
Burdensome flowers
And wasted kisses
"What if"s
"What could have been"s
I love her still
Angela K Dec 2017
I keep
figuring out
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