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the world is full of lonely people waiting to make the first move.

MY world changed for the best, when i finally let my heart do the talking.
just tell them, you cant lose what you didnt have
whenever i can, i try to show off the picture we have together.
its not really to show off that i have a girlfriend,
nor to show off how beautiful she is.
its mainly to show off and explain why ive seemed happier,
with color, and a smile so wide
that people cant help but to ask me whats new?

and i show them.
she is whats new.
this feeling is new.
this happiness, new.
she likes chocolates and movies...i like peanuts and movies.
i used to have butterflies,
now i dont.
i now have hummingbirds,
since they flap quicker.

her kindness, her love,
has begun to show its mark.
the roots have grown in my heart,
millions of hummingbirds, when i see her.

who knew? that there can also be hummingbirds?
they bundle the most, when she provides her kindest words.
theres more than butterflies?

— The End —