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  May 2015 Amya Green
I could sit here and write a thousand poems about you,
And still not get tired.
Is that what happened to us?
Did you get tired?
Was I too much?
Was I an anchor, attached to your heart?
Did I pull you to the bottom of the sea?
Did I drown it?
It can’t be; cause since that day I’ve been coughing up water from the bottom of my lungs.
Some say I had drowned myself in your love,
That you’ve engulfed me,
That you’ve taken over my mind body and soul.
But you’re love gone wrong
And  now everything tastes like you
Everything smells like you
I don’t even like my favourite song anymore, yes the one I forced you to listen to.
I hardly eat anymore
I’m surprised I sleep because most nights
It’s just me and that feeling of love gone wrong.

And i wish that i could forget about you
and move on,
seems like you have.

What went wrong?
Where did i go wrong?

I've tried crying but the tears don't come anymore,
I drag razors across my skin but it doesn't feel the same anymore.
Seems as if by body has gotten tired.
I'm tired, i'm tired of feeling this way.

Come home?
And this time, stay.
Amya Green May 2015
I can't do this crap anymore! Looking at you smile at her after leaving me makes me sick to my stomach... This isn't fair.. I open up to you then you leave me alone. But you can talk and text her every ******* day of your life. Is it wrong that I'm just on the edge of making your life a living hell? Maybe but I hope she takes your heart and hurt you so much you don't what to do.. Until then I shall of this feeling of sadness I can't get rid of.. Mixed with anger at myself.. I shouldn't have been myself.. I should have been the girl of his dreams instead of being this crazy person.. He's happy while I'm drowning faster and faster in these ******* feelings that I hate... I hate loving him. I hate it so much. I shouldn't have ever say yes to you.. I knew you were going to do this to me but instead of being smart I was stupid believing in you.. So just get hurt already..
Amya Green Apr 2015
What is life really? Is all about the happiness and joy you get... No that's no it. Is it the friends you make along the way.. No.. Its the mistakes you make.. You learn from them and grow into something that's so beautiful and rare everyone would want you.. You grow from these flaws and make it look amazing.. Life is like glass.. You drop it.. It goes everywhere and it hurts...
Amya Green Apr 2015
I don't need you anymore.. I see how you are. But you better be ready for me! I will come at you with all that I got because I won't go down so easily! I'm a fighter who  doesn't back down.. I am my own superhero I don't need you anymore.. You think I can't make it without you? Just watch and see.. You will be begging me for my love but all I will do is ignore you and laugh in your face.. So thank you for hurting me because all I will do is come back 100 times better.. I was right you don't deserve me..
Amya Green Apr 2015
He's so happy without me.. What did I do to deserve to be all alone like this? I did my best.. but that wasn't enough for him.. Why though? What else did he want from me? My money.. My whole life? What does he want from me!? He just seems so happy without me.. Can someone explain this tragdey to me.. What the hell could I've done better? But somehow I'm happy for him while I die slowly of this never ending pain... Just someone anyone.. Tell me what I did to deserve this..
Amya Green Jan 2015
Its only me and them. Everyone else has left me. I only have them to talk to. Why.. They are there everyday.. I can't escape even if when I want to. They hold me by my thoart looking me with their black eyes starring into my soul. They tear me down as I try to fight. I fight for my life.. But I'm losing this war. I keep failing at the mission.. There is no escape from them.
Amya Green Jan 2015
I see him across the room. I'm caught in his gaze. All I can do is just look at him. We hear each other's heart beats. No one else is in the room but us. The world around us mean nothing. I walk to him.. He walks to me. He takes my hand in his. The setting changes to a warm windy beach like in those cheesy chickflicks. My heart starts to fill with joy and warmth.. His love makes me feel human..
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