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Diary of the Damned
Stanford, Kentucky    My writing has always been my personal way of waging war on the darkness that threatens to steal my hope and my dreams so as ...
Daisy May
Siddharth Penmetcha
I write, therefore I am.
confidence obayuwana
purple orchid
South Africa    (not) in the swing of things
Delhi    Those who want God to be kind in all conditions and give mercy to all sinner are innocent, they don't know world will look ugly ...
27/M/Cairo, Egypt    5th grade teacher in Cairo, Egypt. Originally from Washington State. On an endless search to find the things life is about like sour patch kids ...
Guwahati,India    Married, with wife and a daughter. Tribal study, nature and environment, livelihood security of tribal are the preferred area of activity.
SG Holter
Fenstad, Norway.    Norwegian. Construction worker at daytime. Poet, musician and artist at night. All poems are the original works and property of © S.G. Holter, unless otherwise ...
Jon York
Arma, Kansas    I am a Vietnam combat Veteran- 1969 -1970 while in the Marine Corps and after 40 years I started to write poetry and it was ...
Mad Jones
24/F/All over the place    Finally coming back to my roots, and I’m ready to get into writing some personal shit again.
Chalsey Wilder
22/Two-Spirit/Space    I missed you guys.
Winnipeg, Manitoba   
Cali    God will take you through hell, to get to heaven <3 ~ •*• P•S ( don't use my words ) Much respect if you don't ...
21/F/Building galaxies within    We are all strange in our own ways We are all dancing to the music of things
Carl Joseph Roberts
Florida    I now have my first book published called, Through My Eyes. The book is on Amazon, Lulu and Kindle and can be seen and purchased ...
Riley Ayres
21    "I am as they say, an answer without a question" - Erebus Victor
Dotch Applestein
Inland    I am formed from molecules but what has formed these words
Liz Stevens
Omaha, NE    I am a college student, and I recently developed a love for writing.
Orlando, Florida    I believed that I wanted to be a poet, but deep down I just wanted to be a poem.
moonlight as an astronaut
Katelyn Knapp
Philadelphia, PA    Only a fool speaks softly in a time of war.
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