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Vonshay Jan 2014
Too much love on my tongue.

I am speaking to you.

Too much thought on my lips.
I am thinking of you.

Too much lust in my eyes.
I am seeing your skin.

Too much wrath in my pride.
I am scattered inside.

Too much patience in my fingertips.
I am trying to reach forever too.
Vonshay Jan 2014
Dear poetry
I have abandon you, but tonight i write for you
not in away that i usually do because im happy & its hard to express too you
i usually write when im sad or out of place
but lately ive been away on a sweet escape
life is going great, im happy & im free
i promise to return too you soon poetry.
Vonshay Jan 2014
When I'm at my lowest that's when I get so inspired to pick up a pen & write out my thoughts.

But soon as I'm happy again, all I can write about is all the things that makes me low & then I'm sad again.

I'm a prisoner of my own mind
Vonshay Jan 2014
if only the sun decided to no longer play hide & seek
wake up from its misery & resume to the sky
wipe away the tears from every angels eyes

if only the sun decided to dance among the horizon
& not mingle in the darkness of hidden creek
where demons fight with no reason to breath or sleep

wake up sun, im starting to miss your light

The world revolving around you
My world revolving around you

i need you to light up today, shine my way
replace the darkness of every meaningless day
fade away but promise you will return'
into a world where we sin when we are first born.

your all i need to survive

clear the shadows & let the rainbows take over
silence the devil & listen to the angel on your shoulder.  

if only the sun decided
Vonshay Jan 2014
let that **** sink inside of you
drown in your own thoughts
& find yourself.
Vonshay Jan 2014
sometimes i dont even know who the **** i am
so i don't blame you for judging me on the outside looking in.
Vonshay Jan 2014
You say you miss
Then you diss me
Then you kiss me

You say you love me
then you hate me

Then you **** me
Then its **** me

I dont understand you.
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