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Amber Blank Feb 2013
What an impossible feat you have accomplished,
Something believed not to exist
A feat many others have failed to do,
Came so easy, so naturally to you.

You rescued my beaten, shattered heart
With a single glance you unlocked a treasure
Buried so deep, so lost in the abyss

The moment your gaze found mine
Time stopped and the stars aligned
The wait is finally over, the search is at its end.
The other half of my heart sent straight from heaven.

You released the bonds of solitude,
Set me fee, my soul is flying so high
I'm living in a dream that suddenly came true.

The pain and torture of my past has been washed away
You have awakened a multitude of emotions,
A overflowing river of light
With a single touch you set my soul on fire.
Finally able to envision the endless opportunities
of our lives together.

"Hello, my love it's me,"
Our spirits met long ago and fate has now allowed us to know.
We share the same rhythm the same beat of our hearts.

The reason you feel as if you have known me for eternity,
is because you are the only one to ever truly see me.
The only one to read every experience lingering in my eyes.
The only one to appreciate my thoughts, and encourage my dreams.
There are no words to describe the extreme connection between you and me.
Amber Blank Jun 2012
Lord give me strength
To face the day.
The will to fight for love in anyway!

The power to strike evil out far from me.
To be strong and brave
Keep my eyes open so I may see

The good in all who pass by.
To value truth and extract the lies.

To think and feel before I react.
Only Ackknowledge the facts.

God, make my spirit light and
Keep the devil out of my sight.
Amber Blank May 2015
Right or Left
Up or down
Too many choices for the weak willed
No one to do it for you
No one to show you which path is safe
Uncertainty is your nightmare
Bound to a turntable of opportunity
Spinning so fast you don't have time to grab anything that you may want
Dizzy from distractions of this empty universe
Your mind is flooded with options
Every minute a new one surfaces
New what ifs
You are so lucky, but have no clue that you hold something so priceless
You have already attained it but don't know how to truly see it
An apparition of a possession so valuable that the owner can not even prevent it from harm.
Fool to believe that it could be safe with you
Wasted hope, tortured wishes
Your apprehension to choose has left holes in this option
Left emptiness where once was fate.
Take your time
Choose wisely
For the choice of mine is no longer yours
Amber Blank Oct 2012
Battles of emotion left their scars
Such a fragile, exposed victim
Awaiting a savior to protect from afar.

Through the unmarked path we travel
Alone and afraid of what awaits ahead
Every stitch of time begins to unravel

Unable to see in the dark that has enveloped us
Blind to every passing soul
Trapped by a  veil of resentment in which we are dressed

As the boiling metal starts to encompass my heart
Burning and painful, blocking out every sensation
Hardening around this *****, ripping it apart

Solid and Strong, no longer weak
A wall of metal shields me from the anguish of love
Unable to be vulnerable and meek

Let it stay as the armor of my most valuable *****
Remove every sense of love for another
The only solution, let it stay frozen.
Amber Blank Jan 2015
She was never first choice
He kept her around as plan B
Would give her enough attention only to leave her baited on the line.
Dangling, hooked and waiting in agony to be caught.

She longed for every drop of affection
She survived on every sweet word or empty promise.
Only to watch him pass her by when someone else came along.
Used and tossed away like trash.

Whenever he was lonely or rejected
She was who he called
How cruel to tempt her with hope
Only to ****** it out of her hands.

No matter how many times the cycle would repeat
she came crawling at his feet
Over time her worth decayed and her heart turned to stone.
Left to envy others
Left to jealousy of happiness
Left to never know true love and acceptance.

And even as his bride
She was haunted, constantly looking over her shoulder.
Permanently comparing herself to others
Waiting for his next challenge to steal him away.

Knowing he could always count on his "Back Burner Bride"
to be his door mat and save the day.
Amber Blank Apr 2014
A moment of silence can free the tormented heart.
The world moves at the speed of light.
Time is flying by in the blink of an eye.
So much constant mental stimulation flowing throughout the day.
Technology is gradually stripping our humanity away.
Imagination inspired by the written word has transformed into zombie stares into a screen.
Conversations that once lead to new creations and thoughts that touched the heart and moved the soul, have been discarded like yesterday's trash and replaced with a unemotional, unfeeling text message.
The power of the pen is weakened into memory and replaced with keyboard strikes and lighted screen.
How uncommon it is to find a kindred spirit among the crowd.
Someone who can appreciate the ramblings of a sensitive heart, a wondering mind, an uneasy soul.
That only release of the cage of this society is to put ink to parchment.
Line after Line of the deepest, darkest, dimensions of the mind.
Amber Blank Feb 2015
Amidst  a lush farm of green as far as the eye can see
Is a barren plot of soil that is as dead as dead can be

No plant will take seed there
No fertile soil to produce or replicate
Dry patch of earth, so unwanted
Such an eye soar to the surrounding farms

Void of all nutrients
Void of life giving springs
Dust and brown decay fill the air
No harvest will exist there
How sad that the reason for its existence does not apply
How sad no farmer will take the time to tend her, care for her
Time to turn over the soil until life is reborn far beneath the surface.
Amber Blank Mar 2013
Underneath her stone exterior
Far below the ground
Miles away from the great wall
She has built around her heart,

Lies a quiet, vulnerable little girl
Terrified of rejection
Scared to death to open up
To trust another once more

Always waiting, watching,
Afraid of betrayal
Her poor hear is so damaged,
So fragile, so weak

Once more heartbreak will be her demise
Apprehensive to see hope of new love and open her eyes.

Will she succumb to the safety of being alone?
Or will she leap off this cliff and free fall into the wide open air of love?

Her deepest desire is to find her other half, her true love,
The one god made just for her.

To find him she will have to truly let go of her past,
Erase the scars of decayed love.
Finally be free to open up to another soul and not hold back.
Amber Blank Jan 2013
As I sit here at your side
There is no where for death to hide

She watches and waits
For the predestined moment
Known before your birth

Her presence is a vapor
Filling the space, as the air becomes tapered

Be still my sweet
Let the torture of this life fade
Follow the blinding light

She will guide you to paradise
Spread your wings, be free of life's vice

Never to feel pain again
Never to suffer or wallow in fear
Be still my heart

Smile for me one final time
A vision of beauty I will keep soft and sublime

Your memory I will cherish
Every touch, every song, every kiss, every hug
Every special moment in this world I was blessed to have with you.

Forever embedded in my mind
Know I will never forget you
Never let your name vanish from my lips.

Be Still
Amber Blank Jun 2015
Eyes open wide
Closed for so long the light brings them pain
Took the risk knowing the odds were against me
Left to ogle at the selfish face of mankind
Unable to grasp how causing another discomfort can provide you such pleasure
Running through each encounter in my mind
Trying to see the missed warning signs
Unable to fathom such evil
How many lessons must one spirit endure?
Before it resides to solitude
Disconnecting from the world
Rebuilding the fortress that once protected her heart
Still in the end
Better off to be lonely than in agony
Better off to no longer be the victim
Better off being free
Amber Blank Oct 2015
Obviously from experience I make a rather easy target
How easy it will be for you to just blame me
Say I am the one who let you down
Tell yourself that I was childish and in mature
That I caused you heartbreak on purpose
That I felt nothing and how easy it was for me to forget you
To move on with life as if we never existed
Get angry with me
Show me your true colors, show me some resemblance of emotion or caring
Anger is so much easier to cope with than pain or loss of love
Give it your best shot dear
Blame me, for the end
Blame me for the silence
Blame me for the loneliness
Blame me for the memories turned to dust
There was no breakup, no loss of relationship
Just loss of friendship
My reasons to do so may have been selfish
But I had to let go, had to set you free from the "what if" that is me.
Amber Blank Oct 2015
Taunted and teased by the empty page at my finger tips
How easy it can be has stained the moment of imagination
The process of artistic creation
At moments emotion seemed to flow freely like a river to the sea
Other times I am strangled by the pen in my hand, muted by the
want to put it on paper and stop it from punishing my heart
Its a unquenchable thirst that plagues every second of a writers
The need and desire to let out all the darkness inside, all the joy, all the light until nothing is left.
Vocally she may not be able to represent her thoughts and dreams
But on paper a whole new reality is formed and the deepest visions the wildest notions flood the blankness
Amber Blank Jun 2013
Stuck on this carousel of life
Unable to get free
Constantly going up
Or coming down
Round and Round we go

Makes me dizzy to look at the world as it spins
So fast that the scene of people becomes a blur
Constantly moving and changing shape

As a child it was awe inspiring
The magic the beauty of the colors
No worries of what is flying past
Just enjoying the ride
Smiling, laughing carefree and happy

The more we age, the more the fun begins to turn to worry
Instead of wanting to go faster
We wish we could slow down and enjoy every second
Freeze moments in time
Freeze emotions
Freeze memories

This broken carousel holds us hostage
To a world moving so fast we can't see
What beauty and joy lies directly in front of us
Until one day the gears will wear down
The paint will fade
and the music will stop forever.
Amber Blank Oct 2015
He sneaks in through the window of my soul
Never seen or heard
No for warning no sound to alert his presence
He needs no reason to visit, no wealth to claim
For the possession he steals is more precious than gold, more rare than
diamonds, but unseen to the human eye
This burglar of bliss comes for any trace of happiness, any small inclination of hope
Any joy that was once felt and captured so easily in my heart now is his prize for the taking
With no rhyme or reason
The cloud of sadness is his cover and it seeps in to the cracks
Filling the once warm rooms of my mind
With chill that runs down my spine
So hard to explain to those who don't know his name
So confusing and painful for those of us tormented daily by this thief
How the worry and thoughts of sadness move over you
Take over your body and mind, no matter how hard you fight it
No matter how much you just want it to go away and free you
from this agony
One moment of joy, one day of freedom is what is held dear
At least for those of us who are still here
Those of us who have not lost the fight yet, but battle this burglar of bliss everyday, every waking moment
Amber Blank Jul 2014
Thoughts, worries, dreams, and hopes
All running faster than lightning through her brain.
A constant stream down a raging river.
Twisting and turning, moving faster and faster
Every failure, every painful memory weighs so heavy it begins to crush what is left of her heart.
So many bricks she made over the years to build this wall around her true self.
The window to her soul has been nailed and painted shut.
Fear was the motivation
Fear of rejection, fear of loving without love in return
The fear if she became vulnerable or open that another heart break would **** her.
This internal struggle is her undoing
Compound with the worry of life, the pain to see the disappointment in her child's eyes.
The tears because she is too young to understand how cruel this world can be.
So helpless yet expected to be stronger than steel.
So in the light of day she hides the agony away.
Blocks the darkness of depression from her face
But in the solitude of the silent night, it bleeds through her skin, takes over her mind.
Until it consumes her soul, no rest, no easy escape
She wrestles through the hours of the evening
Only to wake over and over alone.
Amber Blank Dec 2013
No man has ever touched me with such finesse such ease
As if I am the only woman he desires to please.
The soft caress of your hand on my face
I want to stop time and live in this place

Never have I been truly kissed, as if I am a lost treasure
A brief but breath taking sunset
Gentle, tender and soft
I feel as if I am a delicate flower, vulnerable, exposed
Held with such care such warmth
The dance of your lips against mine
More beautiful than ever imagined
Like rose petals smooth and supple against my skin
At the sound of your voice my heart is soothed
Most times leaves me speechless
Trapped in my head exploring the endless possibilities of us
Imagination running wild, untamed, primitive
Heart pounding so loud I feel as if the world can hear
Short of breathe for once in my life
Unable to see straight or see anything other than your smile
Amber Blank Apr 2013
In the flash of a memory I am transported back in time,
To the first time we ever met, seems like a eternity ago.
I remember up until that point boys had cooties, but
When we met that all changed.

I can still see that cute, sweet little boy who caught my attention.
Sitting in a desk in front of mine.
I remember waiting until recess to play and sing.
A sweet innocence of youth that we shared.

Then as the years passed by we went down different paths.
But even though you were not in my sight I often wondered
How you were, where you were, did you ever wonder about me too.

Then fate crossed how souls once more, over twenty years later.
When you walked in the room, all the memories flooded my heart.
I knew you face, would have recognized you anywhere.
The same beautiful smile, the same kind eyes.

Automatically we picked up right where we left off.
The connection between our souls remained, even after the miles
and years apart.
What a blessing to have you return to my life.

Conversations lasted for hours, glances burned into my brain.
You are forever impeded in my heart.
Friendship and love filled the empty void.

We keep in touch and you have been my shoulder to lean on
My confidant, my defender, my voice of reason.
Now once again this cruel world has separated our earthly bodies,
But you need to know, no matter what the situation, no matter how far,
no matter how hard the road ahead may be,
My heart is with you,
My soul speaks to yours in a language only we can understand.
I am here, and always will be.
Amber Blank May 2014
Strong comforting smell awakes my senses
Pulls me like a magnetic field
Out of my warm, soft alluring nest
Lead by the nostrils like a leash to the kitchen
Where this black gold has hypnotized my mind and body
Trickling down my throat
Filling this body with a gentle burning sensation
Awaking the soul
Amber Blank Sep 2014
To the average eye or ear
The click clicking of my keyboard maybe dull or bland
But to a creative soul like mine it becomes a symphony.

As I sit and type
In my mind I am transported to a grand hall
Full of people and musicians
And as my hands glide gently over the keys
I become the composer

Fast and Slow
Loud and Soft
The sound echoes in my mind and through my heart

To find joy or even inspiration
In such a mundane task
Is truly the gift of writing and being
able to see small beautiful moments
in this world.
Amber Blank Sep 2012
Live in the jaded shadow of your sins.
Never let the sun in.
Sacrifice all that dwells inside.
Searching endlessly for a safe place to hide.

Pray for a savior.
To resurrect your soul.
Sinking deeper into the corrupting, immoral hole.

Build up your crystal palace laced with lies, molded with blood.
Human flesh to decorate the layers of death that create a flood.
Of unrested spirits who stay within the confines of your mind.

Give it up, Let it go
The torture of each moment only you know.
Fighting with yourself between fantasy and reality.
Images too disturbing for the sympathetic eye to see.

Give it up, Let it go
Release the demons and let love show.
Replace the evil with angels to guard your heart.
To protect you and let the healing start.
Amber Blank Dec 2014
The world wants to condition my heart
To conform my soul into a blank slate
Molding with experience and disappointment
Gradually shaping until it is frozen in stone.

Motionless, empty of emotion
Paralyzed by society
Left to view the beauty from outside
Through jaded and cynical eyes
Never allowed to experience depth of love I so long to feel

Cursed to be a by stander
Constantly searching
People watching
Longing, yearning for fate to step in
Waiting for what seems like eternity

Slowly sculpted into a statue of my former self
Void of color
Drained of hope or inspiration

All the love stored away for that "one day" is gone
Frozen in ice
Cold to the world
Resolved to dwell in my prison of solitude
Away from betrayal and lies
Never again to feel
Letting no other soul close to mine.
Amber Blank Sep 2014
Woe is me.
Desperatley searching for a savior to rescue thee.
Patiently waiting for years upon years.
Days spent dreaming of who he may be.
Wandering aimlessly down empty streets.
Peeking around every corner hoping one day we shall meet.
Every stumble, every fall
My hand reaches up toward the heavens
Longing for a strong gentle hand to lift me from the hollow ground.
The tower in which my heart is locked away, reaches so high
no knight could possibly climb
My ballad of love falls on deaf ears
cursed by the evil queen desguised as hope
unable to wake
because true love's kiss
may not exist
Amber Blank May 2013
Because I never got to say goodbye
This letter is all the reasons and feelings I kept inside.
I took for granted our youth and the promise of tomorrow.
Now every day I am drowning in this sorrow.
I thought you would always be there, always care, always listen, always be my shoulder to lean on.
I never imagined in the blink of an eye you would be gone.
This is the hardest letter I have ever had to write,
I just hope you know my heart even though you are no longer in my sight.
Every moment that became a memory is so very precious to me.
Even though our time together on this earth was short, I will cherish every laugh, every smile
every sweet word you gave to me.
The time we spent in Virginia was like heaven to me.
Walking hand in hand.
Laughing, talking, sharing, embracing, kissing
The rest of the world ceased to exist.
Or the walk through the park as you put your arms around me to keep me warm.
Or Sunday afternoon having coffee and conversing for hours.
You gave me hope and another way to view this cruel world.
You gave me strength to finally stand up for myself,
even though I never told you .
You brought out the best in me.
My world is so much darker without your light.
You had the kindest heart.
I will miss you always and I pray that I can hold the memories of you
like a movie in my mind to play over and over until we meet again.
Know that you took a piece of my heart with you.
I love you Jonathan. And I will hold that love in my heart until my days on this earth have ended.
Amber Blank Oct 2014
Through the eyes of an artist the world is transformed into a magical place
Nothing is as it seems
The only limits are within a dream
But if their world becomes mundane, the darkness seeps in
Running like a hamster in a wheel
So fast, so hard but going nowhere
Every day chores start to cloud the mind
Mindless zombie moving through life
Reliving the same day over and over
The beauty and magic fades away
Work, Home, Sleep
Work, Home, Sleep
Stuck in the twilight zone of routine life
Slowly becoming blind to the mirage of wonder each place or experience may offer
Existing not Living
is a death sentence to an artist of any kind.
Amber Blank Jun 2015
If we are constantly seeking something better
Searching for the next best thing
How will we ever be able to enjoy the grass under our own feet?
Seems that no one is content with the blessings of today
The world moves faster, technology takes over
The ability to connect with others all over this world in the blink of any eye has caused us to put on blinders
Why stay, why work at a relationship?
When with the click of a button there are endless options at your disposal.
Made so easy by society to ignore the soul
So easy to be shallow and see only the surface
Never taking the time to dig a little deeper
To truly know someones heart
Raising the next generation with these delusions of grandeur
Losing site of the morals and values of the past
Waiting for the next to exceed the present
Wasting away never completely satisfied
Locked away in a mirage of importance
Amber Blank Apr 2014
Eyes are covered
Hands are bound
Sound has been silenced
Numbness washes over every inch of skin and tissue
Sorrow has become my air
Self pity my fuel
Misery my only companion
Locked in my mind, a move replays over and over
Reliving every failure, every loss, every disappointment, every lie
Drowning in what if
Suffocating in the darkness of the past
The light of day brings no joy, only aggravation
The endless chatter of the world becomes a sting to my heart
A torture to endure.
A overwhelming tug at my heart strings
A feeling of future turmoil
The pit of my stomach physically hurts, Pain
Waiting for an impending doom
Lost without a shred of hope
Why has my faith betrayed me?
Why can't I shake this feeling?
Feels as if I am living in a nightmare never able to awake.
Amber Blank Feb 2015
In the darkest pit of my stomach
There is an insatiable hunger
An unnerving ache to satisfy my need for rapture
A primal and beastly urge
Eager to gently nip at your tender flesh
Unquenchable thirst to drink in your love
My appetite for you grows with each passing second
Anticipation teases my senses
A craving to be ravaged only by you
Completely at your beck and call
A slave to pleasure
Desperate to feel the sweat trickle down your skin and drop onto mine
Desperate to taste the kiss of desire with every pulsing, throbbing vein in my body.
Desperate to loose all connection with this reality and transform into an animal of lust.
I devour every glance, every touch, every caress as if it were thy last
No satisfaction for me
Until our earthly and heavenly bodies are enfolded into one
Unable to see where you have ended and I begun.
Amber Blank Mar 2015
Dancing doodle bug gliding across this blank sheet of trees
Up and down
Sideways and front ways and back ways
Only visible to me
Shapes morph into people
Dots that join together to form the endless chain of imagination
Monotonous Motion
A reflex to mindless flow of thought
Sound folds into one continuous stroke across the universe
My brain has drifted into an endless abyss of creativity
Any possibility can occur
Ordinary is no longer reality
Every movement bends light to energy
Every drop of ink comes to life
Animates the simple structures into
Complex creations
Infinite possibility of white
Every vision, every dream develops into
the life gifted to the page
Amber Blank Feb 2013
Because my heart I wear on my sleeve
Exposed, helpless, visible for all to see.
Each hope of new love,
Every dream of a happy ending
Naked in a crowd of leeches
Watching, waiting for their chance
To bleed it dry of every emotion,
To **** away the desires of a pure soul.
Using their main weapons of silky words,
Promises of paradise
Whispers of eternity
Sighs of ecstasy
Shrouded by empty vows of love.
Blinding my reasoning with every embrace
Every kiss filled with the poison of deceit
Your touch leaves me paralyzed, empty
Left with a unquenchable thirst in a desert of lies.
Left with nothing but an unfillable void
A Black Whole devouring every vision of fate or hope
Desperatley wanting to believe every syllable
Amber Blank Jul 2013
Stone silent drifting in the moment between sleep and awake
That is where we meet again
Even though my eyes are closed I see you clearly
As if you were still here with me, holding me tight

I feel the soft velvet touch of your hand on my cheek
Lost in this ghostly dream
Floating to the ceiling from a simple memory
Your body may be here no longer
But your energy, part of your heart remains with me.

Why can't I let you rest in peace
Why do I dream of you so much
In my thoughts day and night
Enamored by your ghost, tortured by time
Amber Blank Jun 2015
Contrary to what society has bread the world to perceive
There is no privilege set to any human born to this earth
There is no just reward for the righteous here
There is no slumber for the fatigued souls
There are no streets paved with gold
Some may claim all the wealth and worldly goods
Yet death comes to all and no wealth can abstain it
The toil of each day falls on us all
No matter the color, the size, or shape of the mass
Gravity pulls us equally, discriminates against none
Dare to bare your soul
Which knows no boarders or limitations
Dream to walk together in heaven along a jeweled path
Where the limitations of earthly existence hold no sway
Bask in the light of the only true gift
Let love be your professor
Let the spirit guide your every movement
Search your very essence to discover your talent
Each individual has so many, if only society would allow it to be shown
Shown with out fear or rejection
Free to be what our creator intended.
Amber Blank Aug 2016
Pure joyful intoxication
In the presence of his body and soul
There I have found my paradise
Giddy and full of anticipation
Every nerve, every sense is stimulated
Blissful, in complete surrender to his commands

Playful yet purposeful
Jovial yet sincere
Ecstasy and intimacy like never before
His touch starts a fire burning deep in my soul
through every motion, every sweet yet sensual kiss
Brings this scarred spirit to life

Indulging in the flesh
Deeper than any connection in history
Addicted to this euphoria
Craving more and more
Wanting to revel in the feeling of two bodies becoming one
Drunk with desire
Hungry to experience all that he has to offer
Desperate to remain in this embrace
Unable to wipe this foolish smile from my face
Amber Blank Oct 2012
I have been lifted from the solid ground
The existence of you in my life has sent me over the edge
Falling from the cliff in free air with no sense of reality around

Head over heels, lingering in the freedom of your smile
The world had disappeared and your gaze envelopes my soul
Every minute that passes, sends me down this path for miles

Time no longer exists in the realm of your embrace
Ever after seems attainable and waiting for us
Filled with hope, faith and joy in each and every space

Uncontrollable movements direct my every thought
My heart is beating so fast, it’s almost going to stop
Vulnerable and helpless emotions unable to be fought

Leaving behind every shred of doubt
Accepting the gift of finally being free
The restraint of the this cold world removed and ready to breakout

Basking in the warmth only you provide
As I fall miles away from the doubt of my past
Finally safe and sound by your side.
Amber Blank Jun 2015
My own worst enemy is residing inside my rib cage
She fights and tears at the flesh to escape her prison
Throbbing and pounding blocks out all sound from the outside world
With every social encounter a blinder is applied to all negative
She blinds the brain and takes over all senses of the body
Desperately searching for kindness and acceptance in the face of evil
She can transform the most gruesome, slithering, conniving demon into an angel of mercy
Her gift is her never ending curse
She plunges recklessly into the shallow waters, drowning, waiting for a savior to provide her breathe
A ravenous ache settles deep with in her soul
The objective of her existence is to locate devotion of another
Regardless of how many times she is trampled to the ground in the process
A gluten for her own punishment
Continuing to open the wound and pour salt in it, as soon as any sign of healing has occurred.
Forever seeking solace in another is her affliction
Fabricating false hope in each new encounter
Composing the tragedy of her own demise
Analyzing every flaw, every imperfection
Tormenting herself over and over
Until her body is rendered motionless
Numbness sets in
Allowed to reside for a stint
Until she is entrapped by another devil
Doomed to continue this cycle
Amber Blank Aug 2013
Even though our physical bodies have yet to be introduced,
I feel as if our souls have known each other for eternity.

What a strange, rare indescribable feeling
Almost like deja vu, this familiar stranger
As if we met long ago in some far off dream
A alternative reality, where only the spirit lives

Your voice, so comforting, music to my ears
A gentle soul that resides on the same wave length as my own
Someone who can relate and sympathize with the demons of past experiences

So much time spent searching, waiting
for a companion, a true friend
Missing a person I've never met
Someone to take the time and effort to truly get know my heart.

Someone to see past this exterior body,
To look deep into my eyes and see the beauty of my soul.
To hear my thoughts, cherish my dreams and wash away the torment of my past.

Could that person be you?
The hope it brings renews my spirit
Lifts me so high, my feet are no longer touching the ground.
Amber Blank Jan 2014
Closer and closer our bodies collide in a fire of passion,
Pulled in tight wrapped completely in your embrace.
Our lips meet and the world stands still,
Gentle, sweet, moist, warm
Like silk sliding over my skin
All thought is erased in an instant
Enveloped in the moment
Heart pounding, body shaking
Our mouths join together in a dream of bliss until there becomes no beginning and no end
Rubbing, moving in a motion steady and strong
A kiss has removed all inhibitions
we speak in a language all our own
Opened the gates that guard my heart
Eyes shut tight, breath of two souls joined into one life giving emotion
Hands hold and caress my cheek as they run through my hair
What a beautiful experience
Transported to a era of time when a kiss ment so much more
A kiss was the beginning of a fairytale
A kiss of true love that was so powerful it could save a life
When a kiss as this moved boulders and changed the world.
Amber Blank May 2014
A person once noticed in a crowd.
A confident young girl with the world at her feet.
A dreamer who believed she could save the world.
The free spirit who followed wherever the wind blew her.
The singer, who may not remember every note.
The rockstar in the bathroom mirror.
The lover of language.
The bleeding heart of a humanitarian.
The nieve teenager.
The believer of promises.
The innocense lost.
The future journalist.
The wife who never had a husband.
The vain reflextion in every shinning surface.
The painter of worlds.
The doodler of notes.
The princess of the apple trees
The tomboy covered in lace.
The brave captive of twisted words.
The enlightened empress
The solitude of a silent sister that brought peace.
The queen of correct
The fighter of the feable minded
The deep thinker lost in her darkness
The mother of happiness
The old soul trapped in this body
The sensative spirit that feels more than the eye can see.
The sleepless gaurd of our home.
The hostess of friendship
For all is me
For all you will see
Amber Blank Sep 2013
I would trade a million memories for a moment with you.
A lifetime of complacency for a second of bliss in your arms.
Eternity of heart break for a minute close to your soul.

I would wander the earth til the end of time,
lost and forgotten to experience one kiss from your lips.
Sacrifice every material treasure to just hear the sound of your voice.

Comb the world for centuries until my path intersected with yours.
The vastness of my heart can only be filled by you.
The magnitude of every emotion exceeds beyond my wildest fantasies.

Find myself tumbling into an intimacy like the world has never know.
Eyes closed plunging into the reality where only we exist.
Gravitating closer and closer until eventually our bodies connect and become one.

Currents of passion flow freely between our skin.
Every sense is heightened
Every emotion translated into touch, kiss, heat created by friction.

Scintillating, exciting, consuming ecstasy ripples through our bodies
Until the line between us no longer exists.
Light fills the room and every dark memory of the past is eliminated.

Like a paint brush to a canvas, you smoothly, gently stroke the colors of rapture
across every inch of my body.
Intoxicated by your gaze
I give every bit of my body and soul so easily to you.

My heart races and the ground begins to quake
Sparks fly and the eternal flame is ignited.
As your lips discover every line, every uncharted territory of my body
I slip into a euphoria
Tingling, soft chills fill my limbs
Taking me to a height of pleasure that radiates and washes over me.

Complete for the first time
Joined as a whole body connected on a much deeper level than the physical
I melt into you and surrender my existence to your will.
Amber Blank Dec 2012
Deep in the stillness of the night
I silently watch my angel dream
Lost in a wonderland of happiness
She is clearly the closest I will get to heaven,
In this cruel world.

Pure as the newly fallen snow
Innocent and sweet,
Lost in her thoughts, I imagine
The simple but beautiful images she sees

At this moment all is peaceful in our world
Safe in my arms she smiles
Every inch of my heart beats for her
A part of me, what a incredible gift.

I loved her before she was in this reality
She holds my existence in her tiny hand
She creates every moment of joy with a smile
Or a whisper of " I love you Mommy"

She has given me a glimpse of heaven
A understanding of God's love for us his children
Unconditional and merciful
Never judging always forgiving

I hold this memory forever
Imbedded in my mind for eternity
To refer to in a time of sadness or need
To recall when all seems forgotten and poisoned.
Love and Faith is the cure to every ailment.
Amber Blank Mar 2015
So many times in this life hope is crushed by
desperation, despair and deceit
On some rare occasions there is a sliver of abundant happiness
It becomes contagious
Spreading from one gentle smile to the next
Through a crowded city street
Exchanged over and over between friends, lovers, coworkers and strangers

I stand in total amazement
As one small gesture
One person's expression of caring becomes a
waterfall of love and jubilation
Washing over all it comes in contact with.

Hope as small as a grain of sand
Can truly build into a mountain
One helping hand
Can carry the weight of this weary world.
Amber Blank Apr 2014
Hey You! Yes you there reading this prose.
We could be best friends, who knows?
As you sit and read, you are getting to know a part of me.
I am serving up a slice of my soul for the world to taste.
We share our most intimate thoughts, our wildest dreams.
Our hopes and fears
Our views of the world and emotion
As if we are staring into a mirror instead of a computer screen.
I relate and see or feel as you felt at the time you put life into words.
Even though we have never met, I have shared in your pain,
I have felt love and happiness along side you.
How insane to say but you all are closer to being my soul mate than any other person today.
In my darkest hour,
My fellow poets were there with encouragement and praise
A community unlike any other in this reality.
Diverse and unique
Supportive and creative
Thank you for the inspiration, the faith in humanity that you have restored in me.
Amber Blank Aug 2013
Cold and uncaring world outside of your skin
Frozen humanity, frigid stares, empty minds
Frostbit by the snow of this dying society
She runs, trips, leaps in desperate search for warmth

Before she succumbs to their tempting icy gaze
Sliding by each false reality, skating by vagrant dreamers
who have lost all hope of reprieve
Where is her salvation, her sun
The arms to wrap her in fire

In an instant she is melted by his feverish kiss
Passion ignites in her heart, he sets her soul ablaze
Lingering finger tips glide over her pale white skin
Soft, sensual, the steam rises from every part of her body
She basks in the glow of his heart, the sound of his voice
The smell of his skin, the gentleness of his embrace.

Flames burn in her eyes only for him
Uncontrollable, instant masterpiece of us
Layers of daydreams, inspiration floods her mind
Union of two opposite elements that create this new and unique unit
The beauty seen through his eyes, translates to the words
that leave her lips.

Together they are more vibrant than a burning star
Hand in hand in a reality all their own
Blind to the outside common world
Deaf to the sounds of ignorance
Transforming experience to art and words to images of rapture.
Amber Blank Feb 2015
When the sun is blinding over head
and the sky is as blue as sadness
When the depth of darkness is masked by a smile.
When the haunting memories are washed away
How easy it is to love me?

Easy to see on the surface, only the small piece of my soul that I have chosen to show.
Simple and clear
Apparent but invisible to all the world
Her true self manifest into a sugar coated vision of your imagination
How bizarre that pain in me, is seen as bliss by you?

I have become a master at my trade
The game of deception and disguise
Locking away the form that is reality
Bury deep any unconventional thought
Polished and Polite to the outside world
Predictable, painted, shield
Designed to destroy all light
Amber Blank Apr 2016
As the chill of winter begins to fade
The trees begin to show signs of new life
Flowers begin to bloom and reach for the glowing sunlight
I sit on my back porch on a warm spring evening
Gentle breeze blows through my hair
My eyes drift closed and the smell of new born honey suckle plants
Paint the breeze with a light sweet fragrance
I am instantly taken back 20 years into my past
Days of carefree fun, playing as a child
Climbing trees, skint knees
Riding Bikes til dark, Exploring in the woods
Me and my brother frantically hunting for the biggest and sweetest
honey suckle on the bush.
Even for a small moment my innocence is returned
Intact and as if it never left me
Oh if I could live in that memory, true and unaltered happiness
Free and easy
Effortlessly moving through life on a wave of honey suckle breath
Amber Blank Dec 2014
There is no material possession that could come close
To the most valuable feeling I so desire
The true meaning of Christmas
The true meaning of life
What we all seek
Yet some never find

To find my one true love
My other half
The completion of my heart and soul

To wake to the smile of him watching me sleep
Warm, soft, secure feeling of being held in his arms
To be able to finally hand over my heart, to the one I know will
Never betray it, who will keep it safe at all costs.
The one who would gladly give their life for mine.

Eyes to stare into mine
And really see my soul
The darkness and the light
Able to fully be free with another

A kiss, so wet and long that it takes my breath
Every morning and every night
Someone to be silly and laugh
Someone to never forget
Someone to cherish every memory and every moment with

A lover and a friend
True intimacy
The hand to wipe away tears
To lift me up when life has knocked me down

My muse, my inspiration for life
The subject of so many of my works of art
Someone who thinks of me more than anything else in the day
Who dreams of our lives together
Our adventures and our endeavors

My partner in crime
To explore and discover new together
How I yearn for him
How I pray for him
How I wish and dream of him

Waiting is agony
Day after day
Year after year
Slow torture of loneliness is eating away at hope hope left

Where is he?
Where is my Christmas gift?
Where is my happy ending?
Amber Blank Jul 2013
Inside my mind you will find a reality only ideal for me,
Intertwined with the desire of the heart a wonderland is formed
Long winding roads that lead to nowhere,
Breezes so crisp and cool, flowing through your skin,
Surrounding every moment, sending tingles up your spine.

A wild sensual freedom, of dancing in the rain.
Covered by the gentle drops of water, washing away all sins.
Washing away all wrong, all sadness, all pain.

Awakening of the soul, the taste of a first kiss.
Continuous sensation, moist, wet, sweet, as lips meet.
A warm embrace, lost in the company of strong loving arms
Safe and sound, never to be let down.

Colors of emotion surround every minute
Dark Blood Red passion
Pale ocean blue serenity
Bright blinding white light of hope
Glowing green of  generosity
Deepest night of black bitterness
Watch as the colors change  like a cameleon.

Mazes of experience will change perception
Reality of mine own, worlds created by the imagination
Lost in a ocean of thoughts, a sea of memories.

One second will be ecstasy, the next depression
Sickness of a tortured soul
Surrounded by the faith of a hopeless romantic
I am a lover of Love
Searching the world for one soul, to trap inside this reality
To see the world as I see
To become the defender of my dreams,
The soldier of my heart.
Amber Blank Aug 2015
Countless nights on my knees, hands folded in prayer
Pouring my heart and soul out to my maker
Trying so hard to be patient and wait
Finding it to be a never ending challenge to try and tame the desires of humanity.
The weakness of the mind and body
Only wanting to escape the sins of this shell and find the one soul to fulfill mine.
To love a spirit is to see beauty not only on the surface but see it resonate from within.
Lighting up every inch of skin from deep down
The longer you stay in their presence the more gorgeous they become.
Your eyes no longer see exterior
They find super human powers to fully see through this hollow hunk of flesh into the celestial being living inside.
No many get to truly experience this, but when you do it is a miracle.
This type of love is transcending all others
It makes the world change and causes there to be peace where there was once turmoil.
Illuminating a once dark and sad place
Washing over every moment with hope and contentment
Amber Blank Apr 2014
As the night slips into day
Every bit of consciousness fades away
Flying and gliding into a realm of imagination and possibility
Deep down the rabbit whole I fall
Where perception becomes reality and anything can form
Infinity of choices, banquet of emotions flow freely as the expansion of the mind creates amazing atmospheres and glorious experiences.
My human body ceases to exist
The spirit has taken charge and the soul is exploring the vast abyss.
Dancing in the evening as a flame burning bright.
Lighting the darkness of this uncaring world.
Evolving into the warmth of a sunset, vibrant oranges and reds
As light and free as a cloud flowing through the open air
Drifting endlessly through the heavens.
Transforming into a beam of light.
Reflecting every face, every motion of the sea
Bouncing from surface to surface
Innocent and buoyant as a child jumping carefree on a trampoline on a warm summer day
Breathing in the fresh cut grace and blooming daisies.
Basking in the sensation of the breeze washing over my skin.
Blanketed in the comfort and security
Like a fuzzy quilt of love on a gloomy rainy morning
Or the embrace of a mother to her small child.
Amber Blank Aug 2015
Since memory has been logged inside this whirl wind of thought
I have struggled with this inner angst
Only those who have suffered from its botheration can comprehend
Invisible nuisance that affect every aspect of one's day
Vexation of every nerve that runs through this shell of skin
It can begin with the simplest trigger
Small agitation can seem like a complete catastrophe
For me it begins deep with in my skin, starts to manifest as
heavy breathing, feeling as if I am going to jump out of my own skin
Ants racing over my body, every tendon tightens every muscle
begins to take on a life of its own.
Only able to focus on the disarray of my mind, every outside influence
sets off a string of grenades that explode on who ever is there at the present time.
Never discriminating on its target, wiping out every thing in sight
Uneasy in every situation
A mind blowing affliction of the worst kind
One that can only be felt inside out
The mind begins to run a marathon
Endless possibilities of conclusion to each situation
Pondering every mistake, every  choice over and over
Unresting, unsettling, unnerving
Unable to stop fixating on each tick of the clock
Each tiny sound of  a pin dropping on the cold steal floor
So much of this will eventually drive us insane
Break through the glass house built around this mind and heart
Peace is the ultimate heaven
Escape from one's own mind.
Amber Blank Jun 2012
Pigtails and lollypops
Little pink bows tied perfectly in my hair.
Swing sets and monkey bars
Mary and her lamb, Bow peep and her sheep
Younger memories of simple days long before the aging haze
Clear as a rainbow after the storm
Innocent as Dorothy and her little dog
Years fly by in the twister of life and love gets to be tough
As every scab is reopened and begins to bleed
Baby dolls and lincoln logs
Big Bird on Sesame Street
Once these things meant the world to me,
Now they are only flashes of light on a picture in my mind
Little tea ***, isn't short and stout andymore
All her strength and innocence has been poured out
Jumping the rope of pain every day
Not knowing when to stop and play.
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