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tayler Feb 2014
sunken eyes and an untame mind.
eyes grow pale with the sun,
the universe turns black all at once.
free fall into oblivion, lick the edge
and feel the pain. i can't stop the rain from
sinking down my face. this love is all
i had, now i just spin around in place,
wishing to be alone. it's just a phase, so
i say, but everything is dull. the wind
pulls through my throat speaking
words i've never known. my eyes won't
close, the brain says no. can't stop thinking.
the sun is devouring my irises, blinded
by the deafening silences. what's happening?
where's my mind? i can't keep passing by
with i'm fine.
tayler Jan 2014
darkness signals the
retreat into
the shell
of sea-side
they whisper
innermost thoughts
of blindness and
profound seconds
of suspended
fallen flowers.

the recluse
can see more
in the deepest night
than the lightest

thoughts circle with
the stars, as the
atrophy of apathy
and the menagerie of
faltering frowns
tayler Jan 2014
everything we
do is selfish and to boost
our fragile egos.
tayler Jan 2014
soul growth of
a tree, the leaves
drop with every word
you let free.

leave a barren old twig,
knowing you did what you must
and said what you hid.
but remember,

leave without
a twirl or a spin
of the heart, or the gift
you have to give will stay
forever, from this world, apart.
tayler Jan 2014
how the flowing
wind squeals at the
sound of your
concrete smash. fool,
the wind may carry
you on Her back,
but your  infintismal
against the screeching
yelp of Her translucent
lips. that fire smitten
jungle howler will
blow your face off.
tayler Jan 2014
seashell minds, if you
listen closely you can hear
the salt roars of oceans.

the emerald ebb
and flow of ideas that
adds spice to our lives.

we are all drops of
liquid fantasy in this
untamed sea of life.
tayler Jan 2014
hope is a reflection
held in a tear
drop. a mention
of beauty in
a wet ball of fear
or sadness. when
all seems unfit,
a reminder that here
is Nature with
a warm touch of beauty
to quell the despair.
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