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Alex Rubio Apr 2020
Time continues

Nothing changes
Alex Rubio Dec 2017
She makes me feel out of body
Somewhere else but somewhere lovely
So many times I wish I stayed
But everytime I walk away
Don’t know why I act these ways
Just another ruined day
But every time I look and see
Somebody else is taunting me
It’s not me my intentions are pure
But it’s my ego and I can’t ignore
Everything I’ve been raised to be
Has brought me to this mistake
Selfish, controlling, psychotic
I just don’t know if I can’t handle it myself
I need someone here to help me out
But everyone’s been pushed away
Day is gloomy, dark, not gay
Just do not know what to say
Alex Rubio May 2016
I need to go.
I need closure.
I need someone new.
I need her to take me back.
I can't go back.
I can't keep living like this.
I can't control it.
I can't understand why it was me.
Why did I try?
Why did I love so hard?
Why do I deserve this?
Why is it over?

I won't let this build up inside of me.
Alex Rubio May 2016
All I've been trying to do is get closer

All you've been trying to do is get farther

They say opposites attract but in reality they absolutely do not
Alex Rubio Mar 2016
I was happy who I was
Arrogant, but still confident.
don't dwell upon the past.
Alex Rubio Feb 2016
No emotion means
No worries.
No problems.  

Where do I sign up?
  Dec 2015 Alex Rubio
Suhani Arora
This is a farewell song,

The last words that I’ll ever exchange with you.

It’s a goodbye.

The end of everything.

Treat me as a stranger now and I’ll return the favour.

If some day, you run into me,

Do not take pains to smile or say hello, because I won’t return it.

Because a part of me won’t let me smile even if I want to.

Because my veins will tie my hands and stop me to reach for you,

to wave at you,  to embrace you, like I once did.

Because this is the end

It’s a goodbye.

You murdered my existence

There’s a part of me that’s always going to hate you,

A part of me that’s always going to remember you,

And remind me why storms are named after people.
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