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  Nov 2015 adelaide
A Writer
When it rains it pours,
The storm of life is never forgiving.
Often giving us more than we feel like we can handle.
It floods our bodies with emotion, stress, anxiety, and depression.
We can either tread through the flood, or let it drown us.
  Nov 2015 adelaide
Brooke Davis
I bite my lips,
to build a fortified dam,
that prevents my true feelings,
from flowing forth,
like a catastrophic flood
and drowning you.

But my cheeks betray me,
and as a forest fire,
a deep blush blazes across my features,
reducing all my defenses,
by allowing you too see,
exactly how you affect me.
  Nov 2015 adelaide
Magaly Smith
"I am sorry,we cant be as one,
My people wont except you" said Alexander the third
"You'll be in my heart,always and forever more" said Juliana
Both were crippled of their heart broken
Two people desired to be together
But cannot because of their rival kingdoms
The heart chooses what it wants,not the people
When they went public of their love
Both kings decided to have their heads
But the people can understand their love,
it seemed like from the heavens,the kings saw that
the people decided to have the kings heads instead
The people decided to crown
Alexander the third and Juliana
For showing compassion and,and having
A true heart
Like a real king and queen should have
I was watching Merlin,it got me the idea of a medieval poem
and a song from tarzan the cartoon
  Nov 2015 adelaide
Ernest Goh
Love is a war
A drug
A sinner's luck

It makes the kings of kings fall to his knees
The queen of queens content
It makes the common folk write poetry
And all the slaves lament
  Nov 2015 adelaide
Daniel Ospina
The lone white rose lies on the cobbled road,
Tossed aside by unrequited love.
It once stood proud in the field basking in the sun,
Certain it was born to charm and dazzle.
You’re magnificent they said…
A special rose you are, crafted by divine hands.
Its enchanting beauty was a sight to behold,
Even kings waged wars to claim it.
Unbeknownst its grim destiny
To be trampled by its admirers
As they gather around to exalt the new vogue,
The red rose alive with passion
Breeding forbidden thoughts and fantasies.
You’re magnificent they said…
Now you’re forgotten.
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