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Oct 2022
Lately you've been afloat
Grasping on air and stumbling each time

Always lost,
always searching
For something to ground you,
something to call yours

Lately you've been dreaming
Of what-ifs and could-have-beens

Never knowing,
never wanting to
As you'll only be left wondering
But still alone

Blasted by the wind,
Consumed in blazing fire,
Sulked in the rain
and now here you are,
on your feet, resilient
with a smirk that says 'I finally see it now'

Settled dust on your palms twinkled
No one else would again take away your light
No more free floating,
You need only acceptance from yourself

Brushing off the smudge on your face
'Welcome back',
you thought as your bare feet landed on solid ground
#selflove #earth #elements
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