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MM Jul 2021
Would it matter now
that I still listen to your favorite song
and feel you sitting here with me?
MM Jul 2021
Thank you for letting me know that I could still fall,

that I could still smile at the simplest things— like good morning and good night texts

or stupid selfies and corny jokes

And while it didn't work out between with us,

now I know my heart could still fall and flutter and love

And maybe one day, it will again
MM Jul 2021
You, a free flow

Calm as the sea when the sun shines,

and as ferocious on a stormy day

Know this,

You need not a savior to reach the shore

nor you need a boat to keep afloat

Once, he might have been the drop of water

you desperately needed in the middle of a desert

Or the sprinkle in summer

that you've waited for in the scorching sun

But you must remember,

he is not your salvation, not your reservoir

no one is better equipped to ease the raging rainfall than you

to end the drought in hope of spring

It is in learning to calm your own storms

That you won’t find yourself drowning when he leaves
MM May 2021
My city boy, have you found your city girl yet?

Might be too late but I was hoping we could make it

With the city lights and the parties that never seem to go down,

Thought ‘no, we are too different to be meant to be’

My city boy, how have you been?

Might be a long while now but it’s you I have been missing

With the smoke up in the air, and the cold wind blowing

Thought ‘hey, maybe we should’ve tried harder’

My city boy, you’ve always been

meant for a different thing, I guess

And here I’d stay, with my music and wide-eyed gaze and the quiet

Suburban girl, that’s what I’d always be

And you, my city boy, will remain where you want to be
MM Mar 2021
You need not to win the race
as long as you keep running
It's alright to not be at the top
for you have never stopped climbing
Set your own pace
for you are the master of your own race

It's alright if the only thing you could do for now
is to just keep breathing
It's enough to know you're still fighting

For now, just breathe
We'll figure out the rest later
MM Mar 2021
You spent a lifetime looking for the flame
to burn,
to be consumed
to feel the warmth  

Didn't you know by now?
you need not anyone to combust
the flame is yours
the warmth is yours

All this time,
you've been the fire
MM Mar 2021
Please don’t be temporary.

I’ve had enough of good morning messages that felt like they took only seconds in cycle, of “take care” that lasted only a few days.

I’ve had enough of “I’ll always be here” and “let me take care of you.”

In the end they all left.

In the end, they were all only temporary.

I was their temporary, just a fleeting thought, never a composed one; just a little chat bubble they can choose to ignore or answer.

Soon enough, I’m the girl you only remember when a certain song plays in the car or when a movie plays on TV.

Truth be told, it’s sad to think that whenever another goodbye approaches, I find myself saying, “It’s alright, I’m used to it anyway.”

I never was.

So please, don’t be temporary.

And if you plan to be, at least warn me.
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