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Abbie Argo Apr 2015
“come home”
love speaks quietly, frantically
sipping from the cup of ignorance, i stray further
i wish to dwell a bit longer; i’m not ready to go yet
the sun dips below the horizon, but the flowers here are luminescent
i am enamored with their innocence, their roots so firmly planted in the past
i remember so vividly, they were so much more beautiful then

before was so beautiful

the wind picks up, and love calls to me
“come home, come home, come home”
but i am so young here, so young and open
i am not ready to close my doors
i want to stay longer, don’t make me go just yet
please, just a few moments more
but love pulled me away

love comes in many forms,
and it drew me into its arms and taught me on that day
that true love is sacrifice, and telling truth
even when truth is agony

love knows that knowledge is pain,
but acknowledging pain is the only gateway to release -
suffering is the path that leads to the flowers once again

“he’s gone”
(there is no metaphor
or number of tears
that could resurrect
his shriveled garden –
lord knows i’ve tried)

the present is not beautiful -
the present is disappointing

the flowers died for me that day
and i became uprooted
straying, asking questions that no one can answer

what if?
what if?
what if?

days, weeks, months pass
and love conquers all,
walking alongside me, guiding me through the suffering
my straying has become a direction
i can feel roots sprouting, giving me life once more

i can live again; he and pain are not synonymous
i can see the flowers growing again, just on the other side of this hill

love speaks quietly, with overflowing joy
“come home again, come home, come home”
but i no longer fear these words, not anymore
i’m almost there – it’s so close, i can taste it

i’m slowly beginning to learn –
after can be beautiful, too
Abbie Argo Mar 2015
the tears end as quickly as they begin,
but the waterfall within me rages on,
stealing away with my insides
and dampening every last spark of life.
Abbie Argo Jun 2014
you are a daughter of the stars
& so you are a miraculous beam of light with mysteries inside you that even the wisest & bravest can only dream of understanding (but be kind to those who try, for they are rare)

the breath upon your lips is new
but my love, your soul knew the moon when it was a child & together you played, altering the tides

your bones are extinguished comets, desperate for flight

all this to say that right now
you may feel a long way from home,
& the darkness may be overwhelming, but never forget where you come from

shine, shine, shine

& one day you will find a home within yourself and all the starlight that once seemed so far away will be at your fingertips

& you will form constellations to light up even the darkest corners of your soul

& you will finally realize that the universe has been inside you all along
Abbie Argo Dec 2013
i hope your hair becomes damp
as the snow lands
and melts upon the fiery red curls
that stick to your forehead

i hope your mascara runs
from your tears of laughter
as your brother trips
and lands face first - again

i hope your cheeks become red
and clash horribly with your
new forest green sweater
as the fireplace and wine warms them

i hope your nail polish cracks
from unwrapping all those presents
(there really is no such thing
as too many socks!)

i hope you realize that evening
when you look in the mirror
that despite your weariness
none of it matters at all and that

you are so ******* beautiful

i just hope you know that
because confidence does not come
wrapped neatly in a stocking
(it comes from within)
Abbie Argo Dec 2013
the day you said hello to me
for the very first time
you hung the rope for me
and placed the stool gently
so very tenderly
beneath it
saving me the trouble
the day you said you lied

the day you said goodbye
for the very last time, so did i
Abbie Argo Dec 2013
now that i
i long so
to hear that
story you've
told me
a million times
once more
Abbie Argo Nov 2013
every man is a drop
of salt water
in the great body
of humanity

(land is far too sure
too solid
to ever be equated
to any man)

we simply move
with the moon
and burn
the unguarded eyes
of those who dare
come near

(there are creatures below
our surface that one dare
not try and discover
they may eat you alive)

but oh, how beautiful we are
from a distance
tranquil and endless
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