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Mb Feb 2018
Your name was the sweetest honey,
but now it taste acid.
You harm more than any bottle of acid.
With passage of time,
She perceived that you were a sweet poison.
Now don't come to feed her heart again.
You knew she is fragile,
and you saw she's about to break.
Yet you desired for her lust not love.
You just want to intertwine her body,
while she urged to tangle your mind.
She loved you,
she consumed you so candidly.
now she tore your shamming love apart,
And knitted the scar you left.
You were never her cup of tea.
still she's not lost.
Mb Feb 2018
I fear water and words.
They can be so deep sometimes.
Is it a verse,a story or a sonnet.
Or a mere pool, lake or the biggest ocean on this planet.
For the real fear doesn't creep in when I dive.
It does when I go too deep in search of life.
Deep words imprint on my mind, they scar.
Deep water drowns me in it,
Couldn't be found without a radar.
I think I'm not just yet ready to dive.
deep water and words might scar me for life.
Mb Feb 2018
Once upon on a time, I had feelings.
And now it has drained.
Once upon times I was really happy,
And now it has declined.
Once upon a time I was yours,
And now I became a writer.

— The End —