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Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
I turn on the TV through a circle on a device
The letters turn blue, ****, where are my eyes I mean the screen like a vice
I wait for the TV to register
The system looks at me and nods like Hannibal lector
I ready myself for the plug in
The games to be enjoyed for some fun sin
It looks like I could be ready for dark souls get deep and swim in
Everything is ready the pleasure of dopaminess joy
The 600 enemies ready for alloy
I am giddy at the feeling of masochistic wish
Who needs brains when your reflexes are at this
Good thing I am going an hour...but oh christ
Why did I turn on the TV through a circle on a device?
Oh God
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
It flutters like bees
Imagine Brian from Silversun but you may sneeze
Then off in the trees youll hear soft sounds
Cold cold Martin's tunes playing like the trees
A whisper
That's no whisper its bono, as if he was in a chrisper
Check it out no you'll never find another one like so so
Swift it's almost like I'm lost
A drift like That guy from straits
He might have gotten older but he knocks
Like me
On a date
The person I'm talking about?
Why it's (my) karaoke!
Don't hate!
Shameless plug allowed?
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Someone I can almost rely
See through me
Stressed out simply
Issue with boundaries
Anger always a monstrosity
Good look in eyes
Annoyed by psychological wise
Spirituality a problem I despise
Seeing her body
Is always balanced on projected lies
Nice to a fault
Relaxed by default
Strength there as have been taught
Easy to believe
Though hard to find a side
This is someone
I can almost rely
Almost...but not quite
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
A ship, a pale storm in the mighty winds became so green as hue
Ancients of spirits saw the windswept spirit as bold...but new
Lo, then dirt and malice rises above through the deep dark blue
Ravages the splinterered vector off the safety of comfort it once knew
Threw the ship ill forgotten,
rummaging through deep waters of inertia begotten
As he recollects debris one managed to saunter to
As to what sticks to the shoe
Alas for 38 years was true!
And the 39th...
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Able to leap tall buildings with a single field...
Of experience!
Can answer any call with... unmitigated deliberance!
Will dress in sly stalwart fashion unless...
They believe you need deliverance!
But they looooove the hospital...
Kinda sorta...couldnt be farther from the truth
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Said she wearing knee high boots and a shirt with short sleeves
But uhh hold on!
Tick tock, tick tock
Not a joke!
Tick, tock
Tick, tock
Tick, tock
Tick, tock
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Frigid steps
Uninvited guests
Hideous segues
Rendezvous', no ways
Puritanical loves
Overvalued doves
But don't forget the turkey!
I'll like it more when it's here...probably
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