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Can I ask you if
You would have done it to me
If I wasn't weak

No, I guess the real question is this...
How does it really feel
to be in love with me

Am I a joke a being
Or maybe some playing thing
to fill some empty reels

Have I ever being....
taken seriously
Or maybe the words I speak....
are just some fallacy

Is that why you flee
and leave silently

Have you ever think...
That this shattered part of me
will ever bind to its piece

Do you even believe
That this rageful heart I keep
will ever find its peace

I thought we were the king and Queen
That this love kingdom needs
I the petals and you' the bees
to produce ah honey sweet

Do you feel I'm a kid
or maybe a thoughtless being
living in fantasy
For writing this poetry

Why'd you keep me in shack
And let pain bleed me dry
When you leave me behind

Whyd you feed me to sharks
And then you leave me to cry
even if it would lead me blind

All I know is this
I will continue to keep
this rages I nurture within
Till you come set them free

I hope one day you will...
maybe come back to be
my ever-blazing peace

And if it never come to be
I'll brace myself and script...
beautiful poetry
under the autumn tree 🌳
Happy New months poetry lovers
Ayinke mi, eleyinju aro
Your arms comforts me... like ēka iroko
your eyes... so colourful like rainbow light
and your cuticle smiles.... gives ah heavenly sight

Nibo lo wa, Ayinke mi owon
Omo to rewa ti o la 'bawon
Our heart has been intertwine to one
So living alone suffocates my lungs

What else could I have hoped
Luxuries and gold, don't want none of that
The doctor said I've been diagnosed
And ife re nikan lo le mu mi lara da

Ayinke mi, igbawo lo' made
If you want me to, I'll forever wait
Cos you're worth more than okuta iyebiye
I'll spend all I have.... mi o ko iyekiye
To make my heart' the home you forever stay
Be it sun; be it rain
Be it fun; be it pain
Be it blur; be it plain
I'll be the shade where your worries lay

Just like flowers and them bumble bees
And like fire accompanied by wind
Or more like the sun makes the farmland green
You are my ribs; my source of energy

What's a poetry without a rhyme
a stonefish without it's spine
Shapeless and boredom with prosy lines
That's how'd be with you out my life

Be it night; be it day
Be it shine; be it gray
Be it aye; be it nay
My love will stay... till forever fade
People judge...
too much
But that doesn't mean people are just....
too wrong

Their judgements are base....
on the part they see.
But stuffs they see....
might be far from real

Aye "my Gee"
Their judgmental course....
can't be processed at court
Yes "my lord"....  
The court hearing has been adjourned

Okay, okay...  
Let's state the fact
Judgement is a tact...
That weak people use...
Words misconstrued
to make others confused

Well, that could be truth
Most people do.....
Judge from words told  
by them jury folks

Lies they contrive
And then they connive
to spew and judge
Tittle-tattle stuff
That's far from their scope

The next you see
is... you're being abused,,,
Sorry, I mean accused....
of being this and that
with their judgemtal dart...
pointing at you

And at the end of the day,
You're the one who'd be paint
As the the badass mate

Hunm, that's deep  
But if I may ask
Are you...
being accused  
Or wrongly judged
By someone ***?
Not really that
Just thinking out loud
Too many whys
Running through my mind

Like why o why
Do we live our life
Searching for things that never wanted to be found

Why do we shy....
away from our real purpose in this life

Why oh why
do our Politicians lie
Telling us things will be fine
beguiling us with few cups of rice
Acting like we the people blind

How oh how, do they expect us to thrive
When the only thing they subsidised....
is our faces filled with joyful smiles

Why do they connive
to bring sufferings to our lives
with the politicking vice they devise

Why do fathers die
Living their kids orphaned

Where are the real mothers and Wives
When wishy-washy women keep tiktoking their pride.

Why wont our elders understand
That the life we in now is different from the past

Why oh why
Is it so hard to find
Someone to keep close to our heart
When all they do is t mess up our mind

Oh why Oh why
Do our youth put on guise
guise of lies' just because they want to survive

Why do our boys sell their soul all for that luxury life.
why do our girls dress bare; to impress and advertise.

Why do our clerics keep weponising our mind
Building partition in the name of the most high

Why do those terrorist thinks they're doing it right
When clearly tis not jihad

Why oh why
Won't God listen to our doleful cries
Forgive our past; filled with sins and crimes
Guide our leaders right....
and liberate us from the powers that victimise our lives.
What would you choose
Love or cruise....
Option one or two
or things you do... when no one looks

Would you rather have fun with love...
than love with fun?
Would you go eschew....
when the condition turn askew

What's your idea of cool?
A handsome dude... with a cherry look...
Or the luxury type, with fast cars and phat yard too

Would you rather use and spew
People you're bounded to
like they're just a cue... in your game of pool

Guess you're not confused...
Or are you... puzzled....
by the terms I used
The words I used are a factual proof... that I'm from terror schools

What is your point of view
Or the nonconforming proof
that things you do....
is yes... the truth

When reality knocks' with its factual hook
Would you stay aloof
Or rather give-in to your conscience coup
Dear Wordsmith
Where have you been?

Have you forsaken your art
or thy art has forsaken thee

Where now... do you keep?...
the words spiralling in your head

Those words you ****** to me
Every time you're sick, lonely and weak

Have I moved from being your favourite girl
to your long-forsaken ex

When last was it you pick your pen
and make me ouch like it's first time *

Scribing those words; tattooing my skin
Fantasising every bit of my whim

Did you not miss my kiss
Those goosebumps we feel; when we scroll through each other's skin

Why have thee forsaken thy art
Has anyone broken thy heart
Has your world fallen apart

Is it family feuds or country's nukes
thats rampaging your being from deep within

Just tell me; I'll be' the comforter I've always been
Dust your chin up and get back on your feet
Please don't abolish your dreams
No, you mustn't fall apart at the seam
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