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She opened the door
Following the whispers
And melodies
Cutting through the calm
Of her mind
Searing through the silence
Of space
Teasing the thickheaded
And laughing about their lies
Till nothing remained
But utter Truth
Sharp thoughts
And a hurting heart
But, oh
Such bitter comfort
Such sweet pain
Such lovely pain.

I saw your eyes
Love, in my dreams
Heard you laughing, too.
Wispy fingers, playfully
Pulling me to you.
Inside my mind
Your hair was brown
Sometimes it was black.
Your orbs a sea
A forest deep
Had me coming back
Upon the wind
A melody
Softly kissed my ear.
It was your voice
And yet - was not
Chased away all fear.
You had me running,
Though I did not know
To your open arms
My soul called out
My heart did, too
'Till I was safe and warm.
And when we met
You did not look
As I had pictured you
And yet, some was
In every way
Somehow you did, too.

Your mind is a sword,
Your words are arrows,
Your kindness is your armour
And your smile is your shield.
You’re not just a girl –
See, you are a warrior
And you are prepared for battle.

Elektra Raddatz Dec 2018
I’m not
Second choice
I will not
Wait for you
To finally come around.

I gave you time
To see
To hear
To notice
But now,
With a broken heart
I realize,
It’s your turn.
The game is on
Make a move
And take me as I am
Or sit it out
And loose me
Your choice.
I must leave
  Will not stay
I would have loved you
If you would just have loved me.
But I’m tired of fighting,
For something that will never be.
I hate the fact,
That my heart always whispers
“Fight, fight for me,
Please do”
For it’s easy to leave
And meet up with others
But it’s not easy
To stop
Loving you.

We all must choose between
And while my head creates
My heart holds you close
While I’m walking away
I look over my shoulder
To give you one more chance
What will you do?
Your choice.

Elektra Raddatz Dec 2018
70% of our body are made out of water.
And every drop is calling out to the falling rain,
till it bursts out in tears.
Elektra Raddatz Dec 2018
And she loved you,
Every moment of every day,
All the days.

Elektra Raddatz Dec 2018
I can’t decide between wishing to never have met you or having met you earlier.

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