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Simone Dec 2022
Flowers on sale at the food mart, she walked on by, bye bye, buying groceries is on the todo list in the car’s cup holder, chicken scratched on the back of a receipt…stuck together with a 1980 penny, I don't know when she can find the time, when can she… why can’t she…she’ll do it when she can… canned peaches on the shelf a day past expiration, on the list it goes…her favorite pen… where can she find it… where can she find her… her...she can find it if she can… a can opener… does she have it? she thinks she does have it… she does have it…the store…the time…has it been too long or has it not? where is it… the pen… the opener… she swore saw it somewhere but did she? when did she see it? frustration… she's there, she’s not there, she’s a zombie movies do well in theaters. She doesn’t like it, but her friend does, he wrote one and a similar movie came out two months after, believe me…her… is it believable? they think it's lies, she likes to be believed but when is she is speaking she is not lying, though she is gullible enough to trust others, to believing, leaving, I want to leave, if she / her / they want to leave…want help with this… help with what…she won't be believed… so she leaves. they want to help them, they want to buy peaches are better freshly cut with cool whip
Blockpoem based off of struggling with ADHD
Simone Oct 2022
Grinded, Gravel
Grand - pa
Grotesque, Grievance
Gives, Grim
Show, Shower
Rain, Refrain
No, Grow
Flow, Flower
Leaves, Leave
Simone Oct 2022
When the rainbow showings down-and-out for the treetop to drinker and breather in the foggy thick airbrick,
Do you think it thinks of where it is from. Do you think it knows that the droppers it cleanses itself in falls thousands of footballs uninterrupted to meet and disperse at the touchdown of its leaves and waits for each one. Do you think the tearaways of the skydiver fall to the earthquake with comforter or feast?
Simone Oct 2022
When the rain showers down for the tree to drink and breath in the foggy thick air,
Do you think it thinks of where it is from.
Do you think it knows that the droplets it cleanses itself in falls thousands of feet uninterrupted to meet and disperse at the touch of its leaves and waits for each one.
Do you think the tears of the sky fall to the earth with comfort or fear?
Simone Oct 2022
When she saw him running madly towards her she chocked on the sentence she began to speak. She saw his desperate twisted face with her in his sight and wanted nothing more than to meet him in the middle.
Her body twitched but her reason told her it was not appropriate.

He had abandoned that reason.
Nothing else existed in his sight but her standing on the other side.
Frustrated with every pounding step that only if he were faster she would already be in his arms.

When he finally pulled her into him in the collision the surge of relief, joy, and wholeness overwhelmed him. He exhaled it all in a broken sigh and realized...
Why love was seen as a drug
My favorite kind of love
Simone Oct 2022
im sorry
I know it takes a while for my thoughts to reach my mouth and
im sorry the delay gives you the
         wrong impression
im sorry I've been hiding how bad my trauma really is because i don't want to be known as the one with depression
im sorry
im sorry
im sorry I tried to reconnect and try to mend the bond when I know you wont change the single frozen sliver of ice in the warmth i know you have.
im sorry
im sorry
im sorry that im no longer sorry for leaving
your ice is contagious and fatal
im sorry I gave up trying to convince you that it is there
im sorry it hurts me more than it should
and im sorry i wasn't tough enough to bear the cold for longer
Simone Sep 2021
Maple and
Brown sugar.
and taffy twine.
Mint strips,
Fallen chocolate chips.
A candy apple that is mine
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