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Sep 2019 · 260
I will not conform
I will not obey
I will not submit
I'll play my way
I will not give in
I will not retreat
I will not sit by
I'm fast on my feet
Sep 2019 · 177
Three Pirates
Pirate 1. "Pirate 3 is my prodigy"
Pirate 2. "You teaching him the ways?"
Pirate 3. "No, he is teaching me the sways."
Sep 2019 · 302
Sitting under the pecan tree
Relaxing in the shade
The breeze she came and played with me
Cavorting through the glade
Until the ants from firetown
Marched up my legs post haste
And made it to my midsection
To bite upon my waist!
Jump I did and slap myself
For what else can you do
When colonies of fireants
Are taking over you?
Sep 2019 · 151
I caught myself a Leprechaun!
It took two and seven years
More with wit than with brawn
and a variety of beers.
He is a little son-of-a-gun.
Fast on his feet is he.
He is a little wild one.
But not w-i-l-y as me
Now three wishes I do get
but need them I do not.
For anything I'd ever want
Is right here in this spot
Sep 2019 · 133
A Gift
I awoke to a dull thud upon my face. The hand of your left arm haplessly flung as you slept. The thud must have alerted you as well because I heard you catch your breath and hold it while quickly turning to see what was amiss. And as you comprehended you let out a very soft "Oh!" and then quietly declared with the absolute wonderment and surprise of a child come Christmas morning "A Human Being!" and promptly went back to sleep.
I was sent on the most urgent mission to rescue the tea!

It was the most dire of situations. The package of tea, having finally arrived after a very long journey from overseas, sat defenseless on the porch. It rested peacefully, waiting for the eager owner to run forth with open arms, tears streaming, and proclaiming such holy gratitude that all of the church doves in all of the world flutter in to flight the moment her heart rings like a bell at seeing said package.

And as it rested peacefully the most ominous form loomed on the horizon. A sight more terrifying than babies eating pickles and bears with no hair. The darkest, most heavies, most deep blue clouds were building ever bigger, and coming ever closer. So pregnant with rain that at any moment that saddest shade of blue was going to color the very town the package was waiting in and color the heart of the owner, that very same shade, unless I could possibly make it in time.

The story of the mission itself and the actual said rescue of the tea is entirely another story which just so happens to be titled "I was somewhere else, but I wasn't, but I was" which is part of the continuing chronicles: The Misguided Adventure of Stumblebum Fumbletongue. Out on sale next yesterday.
Sep 2019 · 123
Self Care
You are my time for myself
Sep 2019 · 117
There once was a girl named Sally
Who liked to dilly-dally
On the bed she did stay
All night and all day
Instead of cleaning the galley

Dreaming of days long gone
When witches would ride upon
Her family and friends
Through the wends and the bends
In between dusk and dawn
Sep 2019 · 114
I can't
get enough
of the art
that you are
Sep 2019 · 97
Shimmy Shimmy Shake
That thump
and that bump
on my ****
as you twirl
and you pump
-Spin Cycle
Sep 2019 · 194
I try to creep from the bed
but instead you grab my head
and pull me back to you.
Back so you may pet my hair.
Deep asleep you still care
and melt I promptly do
Sep 2019 · 87
I'll hold you tight enough
that you still feel like
you can run away
Sep 2019 · 102
I Chew
I chew, I chew, I chew, I chew
That's not a sneeze
That is the sound of me
eating my enemies.
Sep 2019 · 179
Reality Roulette
Reality roulette
Which one, which one will you get?
One that's cam and mostly mellow?
Or one that's white or brown or yellow?
One that's red or full of rage?
One where you can't see the cage?
One that's filled with deep regret?
Which one, which one will you get?
One where you hold all the cards?
Or one where you're on constant guard?
One where love is all around?
Or one where love is never found?
All these choices for you to see
But which one, which one will it be?
The thing is you actively choose
In every little thing you do
You determine what you get
In the game of reality roulette
Sep 2019 · 65
How easily blinded
by my own emotions
that I became the liar.
How easily deafened
by my own heartbeats
that I set myself on fire.
Sep 2019 · 68
Long Exsposure
We are full of joy
thought you never see
30 seconds ******
statued devotee
No smile for your eyes
No movement in our limbs
No expression can we wear
except the one of grim.
Sep 2019 · 65
The sail is billowed out.
The mast is standing high.
The moon, the stars, and the sea,
reflected in my eyes.
What great a thing it is
to be given such a gift
of mother natures beauty
on a night such as this.
I feel like I am home
beneath wide and open skies
and everything I'll ever need
is wind so I can fly.
Sep 2019 · 66
Organic days of zig-zag light
Shadows deep as my resilience
She-wolf howls in the dark of night
Illuminating silent brilliance
Sep 2019 · 84
For who shall tell me now or near
what it is my heart does fear?
Not them, or they, or you, or thee
It is I, and only me.
Sep 2019 · 79
Ensemble sound drifts
Instrumental melodies
Singing their hearts out
Sep 2019 · 71
Ugly Hat
"That's not a good hat
for a fine looking man.
That's a go to hell hat."
I said "I don't understand."
Steve piped on up
"Man, I'm trying to sell that."
To which Bob retorted
"It's a god awful hat!
When it is donned
and someone does yell
that it's ugly and fugly
you say go to hell."
So I bought two right then
and put one of them on.
Walked to the door and
before I was gone
I turned and I smiled
It was not a hard sell
"Well gentleman thank you
now go to hell!"
Sep 2019 · 57
Duck, duck, goose!|
Now I'm on the loose
Chasing you in hot pursuit
From the spot you're tryin' ta loot
Yet I fail, there's no excuse
Now round I go, Duck, Duck, Goose!
Sep 2019 · 58
Begging me to sit
Even for a little bit
Needing nothing more
Calmly sitting to explore
How I choose to fit
Jul 2019 · 273
I got the call, it just came in
It's time to grab the gig again
Years I've waited, paced the floor
Now my *** is out the door
Among the darkness, we do flock
To piers, beaches, and old boat docks
We gaze in wonder at waters edge
For breath of air their lives are pledged
Eels, flounder, shrimp, and crab
Are all the things we get to grab
And place them in to buckets near
Then cook and eat them with a beer
Jul 2019 · 285
The neck
The knees
The ribs and thighs
Are all good spots, it's true
The hips
The pits
The feet and sides
Are also good ones too
Jul 2019 · 119
Don't go in the water
with a cut upon your skin
Don't go in the water
if you want to keep your limbs
Don't go in the water
It's been raining all this week
Don't go in the water
Not the river, bay, or creek
For if you go in the water
You will be the catch
To the very small bacteria
Entering through your scratch
Or switch the last two lines to:
To a hungry alligator
For you're definitely no match
Jul 2019 · 126
Batten Down the Hatches
There's a hurricane a comin'
Rollin' right on in
Churnin' and a turnin'
With it's counter-clockwise spin
Batten down the hatches
Go and buy the beer
There's a hurricane a comin'
It is that time of year
Jul 2019 · 96
Let Go
A simple request
Caused great unrest
And was much too much to ask

Give some respect
Instead of neglect
Was simply to hard a task

I could not remain
Inflicted with pain
I walked on out the door

Now you're alone
Just you and you're phone
***** I give no more

You use it to spew
All of your views
Continually at me

Out of your grip
You let me slip
Now please just let me be
Jul 2019 · 102
Hide and Seek
Come find me
I'm just for you
Jul 2019 · 100
LIFE acrostic
L eaning
I  nto
F orward
E volution
Jul 2019 · 97
Sound bites
in the hush.
It's teeth
sharply rough
Jul 2019 · 79
I pick a spot, it's just right
for me to hide out of sight
One, Two, Three I hear you call
I press in closer to the wall
Four, Five,Six are next in cue
If I'm caught what will you do?
Seven, and eight are next in line
I hold my breath at number nine
10! you shout with eager zest
My heart is thumping in my chest
"Ready or not here I come!"
Now it's time to start the fun

Off you go to search me out
Self assured there's no doubt
I wait for you to make some space
So that I can get to base
But instead I follow you
Creeping, sneaking out of view
A quiet game of cat and mouse
In the yard and through the house
As time goes by you are perplexed
Then you shout this out next
"All ye out, in come free!"
Then turn around and there I be
Jul 2019 · 91
A night full of wishes
Illuminating kisses
As time ticks by in swishes
Softly lulling you to sleep

Stars ****** twinkle
Dreamsand slowly sprinkles
And gives a final winkle
Pulling you in deep

Until you're outside in
Not bound by your own skin
Now you can begin
To view what you steep
Jul 2019 · 367
A piece of me is hiding
Deep inside residing
Over all that is unseen
In between routine
A murmur soft and guiding
Jul 2019 · 98
Point of view
Say what you mean
Mean what you say
Get to the point
It's the easiest way

Don't have me guess
Or try to construe
What you might want
For I'm me and not you
Jul 2019 · 87
Thought For The Day
Don't be so quick to add a period
A period is a conclusion. I prefer mine in groups of three...
Jul 2019 · 97
Don't Worry
Don't worry, don't worry
It's all a ruse
Just trust in us
We've read all the clues

Don't worry, don't worry
Stay perfectly still
Here's some cold water
Now swallow this pill

Don't worry, don't worry
No need to speak
We promise we're making you
Strong and not weak

Yes! Yes! That's it!
Join the line
Marching on by
In metronomed time

Onward you go
Just like the rest
Left, left, right lefting
We know what's best

Don't worry, don't worry
It's time for the feast
A gluttonous meal
Prepared by the meek
Jul 2019 · 78
A spark in the dark
Oh My God there it is!
I haven't seen these
since I was a kid
Little and luminous
and wondrously bright
Oh how I love
their yellow **** lights!
Jul 2019 · 66
Self care
I love myself this second
but not the other nine
and if you ask me how I am
I'll simply respond with "fine"
Because we're told not to wear
emotions on our sleeves
**** it down and swallow it
do not cause unease
But I have learned and confirmed
this simply is not true
They're only words that you've heard
from those less brave than you
Dec 2018 · 157
Flashing Lights
Speeding and impeding
Two warnings I'm recieving
For exceeding while proceeding
In the left lane i was weaving
Now I'm pleading and conceding
'Cause this not be what I be needing
Dec 2018 · 330
I have this voice inside my head
That talks and talks and talks
No matter what is done or said
It never ever stops
This little voice inside my head
That masquerades as thoughts
It prattles on relentlessly
With all that I am not
Not nice, not kind, not good enough
Not anything at all
Except the things that it sings
To keep me feeling small
Dec 2018 · 252
Times Tattle Tale
Only time will tell
The answers that you seek
Only time will tell
The secrets that you keep
Only time will tell
All that you can not
Only time will tell
Questions that were sought
Dec 2018 · 131
I drink with my eyes
And taste with my skin
It's hard to know
Where each sense begins
My smile spreads
Like grape jam on toast
Where less is more
And nothing's the most
I feel with my heart
And live in a laugh
Written in lines
Like this paragraph
Dec 2018 · 218
Say when
Clammer clammer
Fumble stammer
Once more to the fray

Tripping skipping
My mind is slipping
Slip slip-sliding away

Out my nose
Oh, There it goes!
Running away from me

Take a rest
Catch my breath
I thought it'd never leave

Now I'm great
As a dinner plate
Of serving sized crazy

Truths and dares
And pinkyswears
Huckle-berry daisies
Dec 2018 · 229
I am the kind of defiant
that when sleeping in bed
I let my foot dangle
off the side
Daring the dark
to come get me
Dec 2018 · 138
I didn't
I just
Dec 2018 · 92
The marriage dissolved
like alkaseltzer
in a glass half empty
of water.
It fizzled fast
and left behind
a bad after taste.
Ultimately thought
It did help me
get back to me.
Dec 2018 · 130
You lick at my conssscience
Like a ssserpentine tongue
Whissspering sssecretsss
Ever ssso ssslowly
Sssoft asss alabassster and
Sssmooth asss black whissskey
Dec 2018 · 214
You have my mind all sing song
You're my Z to A right wrong
Versa vice, oh how nice
This backward ditty ding-****
Dec 2018 · 95
You asphyxiate linear reality
with that choke hold grip of your presence
Black hole pupils
The one's I've been praying for
The ones that catch everything
And by catch  I mean pull
And by pull I mean bring towards
Towards you, towards me
Weighted slow motion
The longer the gaze
The slower my time
Compressing me in the preserving amber
Of your eyes
Held eternal
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