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6.4k · Jul 2018
If you feel the need to demand respect it means giving some of my own self respect
It means you don't respect yourself so in order to make you happy you ask me to respect you
If I give you pieces of my self respect that you can use to feel respected, it will only serve to hurt you and us because it's hollow this way. It will never satisfy that deep need for self respect. Only the self can do that
I can respect you without having to
respect your own personal issues and insecurities
I think somewhere in our society
respect has been twisted to the point
that the people demanding it don't understand that what they really want is to be obeyed.
That is what demanding respect does
If you demand it then it isn't respect at all
It is everything but respect
2.4k · Oct 2017
Let my poised obedience
Tip the scales and quicken your pulse

Let my body be a smorgasbord
Feast for your hungry eyes to devour

Let my silence speak in volumes
Resonating ardent desire

While your smile widens
2.1k · Oct 2017
The Thought Erotic
I long for the animal you hide
Won't you come out to play?
You won't know unless you've tried
This space is safe, promise it's okay

I am going to leave my mark
One way or another
Raw untamed fervid spark
It is you I am going to smother

Let the voracious hunger mount
Escalating each minute
Primal breathlessness paramount
You are your own limit

I'm not going to make love to you
I utter rather sweetly
Neither am I going to *******
But own you...... completely

I want to tear you apart
Don't make any sudden moves
Pulsating beat of your heart
Every inch of me approves

I want to forget my own name
While I'm busy moaning yours
I promise to start quite tame
Until you are out of your drawers

My body I do herby bestow
Let me show you how
I whisper in your ear and let you know
The time is Now
1.9k · Oct 2017
I Implore
A whisper from a shadow
Prickling at my ears
Anything you have to say
I find I long to hear

Standing still behind me
Enticing me with words
Hold my breath, close my eyes
For all that you infer

Good or bad it matters not
It's your presence that I crave
Whip me, beat me, bleed me
I promise to behave

Or at least I promise for a bit,
An undetermined time
Knowing well how much I like
Crossing over your line

Bind my hands in silken rope
And hook them to the ceiling
Leaving me on tipy-toes
For pains blessed healing

It's playful punishment
That I daringly seek
A red moment captured
Your hand print on my cheek

Or perhaps my inner thigh
A delicious smack or soft whack
Of fingertips sublime
To pull me to the present track

Help me now, you know how
To take the world away
Here I am just for you
A piquant entree
1.8k · Oct 2017
You dastardly devil
How you dishevel
Hidden spaces
With ****** traces

Fingertips sublime
Let pain be mine
987 · Oct 2017
The difference between me and you
Is that I am red and you are blue

Blue like ice and night and death
Secrets whispered on your breath

For you are made of darker things
and the beauty that it brings

I am red like blood and fire
burning white upon my pyre

Blazing strong, fierce and hot
Look away you can not

For if you mix red and blue
You will get different hues

Arrays of purples you shall see
of bruises, scrapes, and injuries

Pull me close, invade my space
let me drown in your gaze

On my neck, knuckles white
squeezing hard is what I like

Yearning, aching, I beg of you
to turn my red into blue
929 · Oct 2017
Prismatic light
Emanating from within
Puncturing the dark

Your birthright
Sacred geometry skin
The original spark
852 · Nov 2018
Rub-a-dub tug
Pull me down to the rug
Wiggle and wriggle
Full bodied giggles
Nibble and nip
Give a little slip
Pinch and squeeze
Anything to please
Fill me up
Overrun my cup
And drown with me
In intimacy
842 · Jan 2018
I don’t write
I weave with words
Until they read
Like spells of magic
835 · Nov 2018
I don't slam well on love
It slams on me
A drumming thrumming arrhythmia
Ba-bump ba-bump ba--- bump-ba-bump
A little loss here is a little gain there
Only, it doesn't work that way
My stopwatch heart hiccups then echoes
Like odd flats and sharps
Seemingly out of place among the expected
A beat that needs to be acquired over several listenings
Like a new food that needs to be tasted up to 12 times
Before you can truly decide if you like it.
It take more than 3 licks and a bite to get to my center
One, two three, you're not for me
Four, five, six, a few more licks
Seven, eight, nine, out to dine
Ten, eleven, twelve, you can delve
And yet... Here it sits in my chest with its arrhythmia
Patiently waiting for that defibrillating current
That shock that will set it right
Or perhaps it's never meant to be that way
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
It's perfect in it's imperfection

My heart's a stereo,
and we can dance if you want to,
because the rhythm is gonna get you,
on re-pe-pe-pe-pe-peat.
797 · Aug 2018
Turn off the air
I love
that you
will willing
Just to see
me in
760 · Jul 2018
There’s a wasp in the house
He snuck right on in
But I’m all alone
Wearing nothing but skin
Buzzing and humming
He moves lightning fast
He’s angry I’m sure
No need to ask
He needs to be caught
Or if not, then swatted
I wish I had foresight
Enough to have plotted
An action and course
For exactly this thing
But it did not occur
To me this morning
Now I know you might say
What about me
But you see that just simply
Won’t, and can’t be
For I’m hunkered On down
In the closet all snug
There is no way in hell
I’ll go near that **** bug
So here I will stay
With clothes all rolled up
Wedged in the crack
So the wasp can’t checkup
I gather reserves
Of brave that I’ve stashed
And face this mean wasp
No longer abashed
I gave him a stern talking
Told him what’s up
then demanded he crawl
In to my tea cup
Walked back to the door
And hear a loud “hey kid”
Then slowly it dawned
That I am still naked
I held my head high
As my skin flushed
A wasp in a teacup
A lady in the buff
I released him unharmed
Still on my task
Then turned right around
And smacked my own ***
To all of the neighbors
Staring at me
I ended with the most
Proper curtsy
723 · Aug 2018
Fire, fire
burning higher
be the light,
to the dark
If my ears had tastebuds
“I hate you” would taste like
Regurgitated ice-cream
Now frothy and foamy with stomach acid

If my ears had tastebuds
“I love you” would taste like
Spicy chocolate covered *** berries

If ears had tastebuds
“I miss you” would taste like
The dissolving inside of merengue cookies

If my ears had tastebuds
Laughter would rise and pop like
Effervescent bubbles of celebration

If my ears had tastebuds
I would never be able to use a pillow again

If my ears had tastebuds
They are probably tired of
The constant metallic taste that appeared
The day the giant post obliterated their friends
675 · Sep 2018
I get lost in your words as I read them
Each a fingertip of red phosphorus
Dragging across my potassium chlorate and sulfur skin
Their heat and friction releasing smoky tendrils
Hanging in air like my breath, ever so faint
They spark and traverse the distance between us
Faster than a hint of a thought, igniting my form
Together we light the bonfire of desire
That will consume us down to embers
639 · Jul 2018
Haiku heart
Glass heart of nine lives
Voice bombs fall shattering eight
One red heartbeat left
634 · Feb 2018
Right Here
I’m sitting in the dark and the sound of the rain falling is just right and silence settles to whatever volume is current. And as you become increasingly aware it’s like all of the oxygen is ****** out of the world and yet you can still breathe.

The power in that grasp. Glimpse. Moment of ‘being’. An active moment of happening now. The current. And it is so titillating, mesmerizing, and transfixing that you suspend time to really see it. It presents itself in many different ways and oh how truly altering they are.

I love the ones with no talking. No words  anywhere for me to hear whether I want to or not. Just colors, sounds, textiles, smells. A unique constantly changing thing.

God I love these moments and I intend to go back but the need to express it overtook long enough to use words to write this. I am now disengaging.
I like when it’s just noise. Words are distracting because even though I’m not listening directly my mind clicks on in an area of my brain that I wish to let sleep sometimes. Which if you knew me you would understand how ironic that is.
I did not speak until I was three. My grandmother used to tell my mother to “enjoy it now. Once she starts talking she will never shut up.” She was spot on. I used to talk so fast most would assume I was auctioning off cattle. The truth was I was auctioning off presence. Prattling away like a hen.
I am now returning to my original state of verbal silence. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE words but I don’t think in words. I think in pictures of moving senses. I use words to try and describe the current of those senses when I step out of their embrace to shift into a worded mind. It’s exhausting sometimes and exuberant at others but always disengaging from where I prefer to be. That’s not to say I’m a recluse. I am decidedly not but I do like reclusiveness.
Life is so full of so many ‘suits’ to try on and I do love to wear a wide variety but my most preferred is naked. Natural. Wild. Untamed.
622 · Aug 2018
I have handled pieces and fragments
of my fiancé’s skull as I plucked
them from my driveway and tucked
them in the bushes, put to rest

I have scrubbed the last ****** gurgles
Of stomach bile from the room
That your father died in, and the linens
That comforted and held him as he went

I have cleaned elderly poopie trails
Off the polished wood floors
As they wind their way to the bathroom
Where gramps is stuck on the floor, again

Is it too much to ask
For a little help with
the ******* dishes?
Im so tired of the one doing all the yucky things.
565 · Oct 2017
Zoom Zoom
If I haven't had my coffee
I can be more than a bit bossy
Drinking while it's hot
Straight from the coffee ***
Black and plain please, not frothy

Chemical energy hits my brain
Pumped directly through the veins
The day can now begin
Settled in my skin
As long as the caffeine remains

Take it away and you shall see
A very different side of me
Touch the *** and die
I dare you to try
You have until the number 3
560 · Oct 2017
I feel your absence
So profoundly;
It settles around me
Like early morning fog
And obliterates
Everything else from view.

I feel your absence
So profoundly;
It is ever present
Like a pinched nerve
Or a contusion
Of memories

I feel your absence
So profoundly;
Like a closed circuit
That becomes open
No electrons flow

I feel your absence
So profoundly;
I'm losing you in pieces
Your smell dissipates,
And your essence fades
Digested by time

I feel your presence in your absence
552 · Jul 2018
The beauty of another human soul is when
you meet someone who is open to themselves.
You get to stretch to the edges and find new discoveries
There is always progress and growth
As much as there is acceptance for yourself

The world through Y O U

Only Y O U decide Y O U R beliefs
Only Y O U decided YOUR actions
Only Y O U decided YOUR feelings
Only Y O U decided YOUR everything

It's A L W A Y S up to only  Y O U
work in progress
547 · Sep 2018
If words were hands
I’d never know
What your touch would feel like
522 · Jul 2018
Willow Wisp
soft as a willow wisp glides
Into the air they slide
496 · Oct 2017
Darkness needs no fancy tricks to mess up your whole day.
He simply must sit and wait for you to go astray.
There is plenty here without his help to bring you down to size.
He laughs and watches from his perch with amusement in his eyes.
For rarely does he need to act in any special way
He simply whispers your own fears back, toying with his prey.
A rude remark, a sneer or glance from someone you don't know
Are just some tools he can use to keep you down and low.
So look up my friend to the sky and try never to forget
That life is short, but oh it's worth not to heed his threats.
For once you learn his secret tricks you see them rather quickly
Allowing you to shake it off and move along more swiftly.
482 · Aug 2018
I'm just a little doodle
Sitting on a page
I'm just a little doodle
In these lines, caged
I colored the doodle
In ink they can see
And the moment I did...
Forever will it be
No longer the wave before
Or the swirly clouds
The only thing it can be
Is what it is right now
467 · Oct 2017
Puddle Jumping
Splish, Splash
watch us dash.
Jump up come down
Goodbye frown
Freckled clothes of wet
No Sun don't come yet!
Rain, rain, come again
Refill my playground
442 · Oct 2017
A tooth! my first!
exclaimed the small boy
Eyes filled with tears
of pure simple joy

He ran to his mom
clutching it tight
and burst in the room
squealing with delight.

Many questions he asked
one after another
about the tooth fairy
perplexing his mother

She listened intently
with him on her knee
"write them all down
for the fairy to see"

The boy set to his task
with paper and pen
and slowly wondered
where to begin

"Where are you from?"
"What do you do with the tooth?"
"How do you fly?"
Please tell me the truth

With the letter all done
he placed it under his pillow
then slid into bed
just like a minnow

He fell fast asleep
dreaming his dreams
and awoke the next morning
with a jubilant scream

A reply he did find
under his head
He opened it fast
to see what it said

"A time long ago
there was a boy just like you
who saved us from tragedy
when humans were new"

"Great battles were fought
with creatures of all kind
and magic was something
quite easy to find"

"But humans grew old
and got very greedy
then corrupted themselves
into something quite needy"

"Power corrupts
unless you're quite wise
We could all see the signs
no more light in their eyes"

"They tricked us quite often
and hunted us down
stealing our magic
for their own crowns"

Centaurs and Fairies
Dragons and Elves
Among many others
started saving themselves"

"We learned how to hide
here in plain sight
by changing our vibration
so as not to fight"

"Then a spark in the dark
flashed bright and true
and we knew in that instance
just what to do"

"A child was born
innocent and pure
with him knowing
He was our savior"

"A secret he hid
within his own tooth
a secret of magic
the heart has in youth"

"Magic that courses
through children like you
who understand love
in all of it's hue's"

"The teeth we collect
and crush into powder
to Help us retain
our magical power"

"For magic is something
that comes from within
of pureness and love
but not evil or sin"

"A warning there is
and hear it you must
If you force a tooth out
it will turn to rust"

"Powder from teeth
forced out before ready
corrupt the pure magic
making it unsteady"

"This kind of magic
creates creatures not nice
Like goblins and trolls
so always think twice"

"Now let me be clear
about all that I've said
Feel with your heart
and not with your head"

"Face and embrace
The beauty of you
Believe in the magic
and let it accrue"
426 · Oct 2017
Pocket Equality!
Don't sit there and laugh
I promise it's real
I'm nowhere near daft
But I have an appeal

Women have united
We held a caucus
It has been decided
We want deeper pockets

Not stitches of yarn
To create the illusion
Not fingertips only
Whole hand exclusion

Not pockets so small
They cause a contusion
Not 1/4 of whole
Causing wallet protrusion

I should not be coerced
To carry a purse
It's like we're accursed
pocket problems traverse

You get it right on dresses
But never on pants
I need to stress this
Dress to pant transplant!

You do it for males
All big and cozy
Put some wind in your sails
This is no time to mosey

Pocket Equality for all!
Across every brand
Divided we fall
United we stand!
425 · Jul 2018
Take it to the fruit
I should start carrying fruit in my purse
First I should get a purse
After putting in string lights and wine
I need to add fruit
So anytime I feel like I’m going to
Put my foot in my mouth
I’ll eat the fruit instead
Giving me time to ruminate
While I masticate
Silencing my tongues need
To move without thought
421 · Oct 2017
Oh how you flood
hemoglobin blood

a consummate machine
until you meet my spleen

Initially you start
from my beating heart

arteries deliver
to brain, kidneys, and liver

smaller as it goes
capillaries next in flow

returning promptly through
veins of red and blue

to give the body breath
until it's final death
401 · Nov 2017
The funny thing about alone
There is no one trying to tell you otherwise
My voice ever so faint
Whispered to me, I listened
It asked questions. I listened
It got louder. I listened.
It comforted. I listened.
It nudged. I listened.
Until I Believed.
Slowly listening turned in to action
“You are valid” it would poke
Believe in what you say
I rose
I stared down fear
Leaning in with a wicked smile
You left me alone for too long
Or in fact just long enough
I changed
A metamorphosis
I am poetry in motion
The verb in a sentence
My body speaks in tongues
My soul unconfined
I am that point of exclamation!
Dotted exuberantly with intention!
Gusto. Bravery. Determination.
Tenacity. Passion. Surrender.
I am focused, honed, excitement.
A Generator
A live wire
Lighting others up.
I am Love
Tender, Strong, Permeating
Patient, Forgiving, Wondrous
A torus of energy, forever folding and renewing
I found me
I found
The best gift I’ve ever opened.
I chose to believe all of this and there was no one around to make me believe otherwise.
400 · Nov 2017
I can't wait to have my
Knocks Socked off!
388 · Jul 2018
How to Love Me
With the respect and ardor one has when handling any wild thing
2. Understand I will make mistakes for my own sensitivities fail to ever reach as high as my bravery. Everything I do, I do it with gusto, full on, all on, even my mistakes
3. Find ways to play, be it through sarcasm, games, adventure, water gun fights, jump scares, humor, wonder, competition, etc...
4. Share space with me don't own it
5. Be unapologetically honest about your feelings. Never assume I know exactly what you mean
6. Must love being outdoors
7. Keep me supplied in mood lighting such as string lights and candles
8. Tell me at least one genuinely nice thing a month to remember during those times when I'm not very fond of myself
9. Remind yourself that no matter all else I actively choose you every day. Not out of obligation, loneliness, or fear but because I believe in you
10. You're awesome because of your awesome
381 · May 2018
All men want is to witness a woman in full genuine pleasure. To hold lightning in their hands. Pure, raw energy.
Women, *** really is all about you. You aren’t there to please your man. If you really want to please him then please yourself. Rock those hips, undulate and grind. Whatever it is that gets you there do THAT! You are the divine feminine. Tap into that **** and be the conduit. It makes all the difference. You become a shooting star, rocketing to heights outside of visible distance into the ethers of all that is and skinny dip through that magic. Ladies it does not matter how you look. If you can genuinely enjoy the pleasure of yourself for yourself it’s spellbinding.
The men. They just want to hold on for the ride. They feel it through you. They consume it with their eyes in our every little movement. Their hands feel it through the rhythm of our stutters and spasms. Their ears hear it through our moans and uncontrollable purrs. Their ***** feel it as you make him your own private slip-n-slide. What are you waiting for? Bathe him in your surrender.
379 · Oct 2017
Groove, move, dance around
When I'm lost I am found
The rhythm is the only sound

So far in, I'm beyond
Take my hand, let's abscond
Heartbeat meter correspond
377 · Jul 2018
The Delicacy of Pain
Some days I don’t want to crawl out the tub
Just be in the water and feel it’s warm hug
Every spasm and pinch felt to my core
If only I could get up off of this floor
I clench and I muster to get in to the bath
Sliding in to peaceful moments at last
For instance today the waters real hot
I’ve settled right in the perfect spot
And let my whole body relax into breath
While trying not to think of my death
Or all of the ways I’d like to cut out this pain
There’s no one to fault, no one to blame
It is what it is nothing more, nothing less
A creeping and crawling under my flesh
Work in progress. I’m struggling today
372 · May 2018
I have this aching need to consume you
To wrap myself around you like a vine climbing lattice. Entwining.
I have this aching need to consume you
To let my eyes drink you in like a swig of whiskey swirled and rolled on the tongue. Savored.
I have this aching need to consume you
To become your personal space. A hairs breath apart. Enticing
I have this aching need to consume you
To let your voice tease my ears making my body stutter as it races down my spine like a lightning strike. Smoldering
I have this aching need to consume you
371 · Oct 2017
The First
The day comes but once a year
For pranksters, jokers and the fools
To bring a twisted kind of cheer
By breaking all the rules

Doughnuts filled with mayo
Is just one of many things
With googly-eyed potatoes
Hiding in the wings

Masquerading caramel onions
And toothpaste oreos
Fun with food corruptions
Are there for your dispose

Mento ice-cube bombs for soda
Clear nail polish painted soap
Anecdotal numbered quotas
A high jinks kaleidoscope

Pranks and hoaxes they like to play
On unsuspecting fellows
Deeming themselves as attache's
To the 'April Fools' bellows
370 · May 2018
Give me more
Your hands upon my hips
My sway felt in your grip
My name upon your lips
Give me more

Your lips upon my skin
The world begins to spin
Dripping on your chin
Give me more

Your eyes holding mine
Desires out to dine
Arching of my spine
Give me more
369 · Oct 2017
Rise Up
Your currency, should currently
Be known for it's barbarity
Your hostility, and severity
Will flip minority to majority
The reality and authority
That we want to see desperately
Is a community that concurrently
Finds solidarity and integrity
In the simplicity of sincerity
Because, you know what?
It's not easy, it's simple
367 · Jul 2019
A piece of me is hiding
Deep inside residing
Over all that is unseen
In between routine
A murmur soft and guiding
364 · Oct 2017
3... 2... 1...
Down the drain

Tears in rain

End of rope

Strangled choke

Cellophane ghost

Dead air
Deaf as a post

Hands up
White flag
Signal surrender

Legal tender
351 · Sep 2018
Choo Choo
******* chugs through my mind
Like a steam train pregnant with coal
Please let there be a bend
A turn, a curve up ahead
*******.... *******.... *******....
One track, one goal
Fuming out, straddling the sky
A giant smoky black serpent
Burying my reality in soot
Piston pumping momentum
Doubling with every breath
Until the train is a bullet
Breaking the sound barrier
Aimed at my chest for maximum impact
Hitting the anatomical muscle
I call the heart....
Perhaps now I can rest
349 · Oct 2017
Weak with primitive hunger
soaking wet,
to feel you penetrate
the very core of my being...
to possess me
346 · Oct 2017
Back To Simplistic
Tires rolling on the road
Windows down, feel the flow
Just kick back and take it slow
Returning to the simplistic

Hands now gliding on the breeze
Rising and diving with ease
Like a dolphin through the sea
Back to simplistic

Anywhere that breeze blows
I will also dare to go
Anywhere that breeze blows
I wanna kiss it!
I don't want to miss it!

Cause' I wanna vibe with the divine
Have my marrow and essence entwined
Into substance translucently sublime
Back to simplistic

Anywhere that breeze blows
I will also dare to go
Anywhere that breeze blows
I wanna kiss it!
I don't want to miss it!

Cause' I wanna vibe with the divine
Have my marrow and essence entwined
Into substance translucently sublime
Back to simplistic
344 · Oct 2017
Magic breadcrumbs
Twinkle like stars
Giggling while hiding
Tender memoirs

Voodoo whispers
Finespun intention
Vibrating and swaying until
Magic has snuck in

Enticing while Splicing
Singing me along
Via my senses
To where I belong

Daring to be found
Anticipating you
Suspended exhalation
Timeless rendezvous
336 · May 2018
Choose your own adventure
Make your own imprint
To some I am a warning
To others I’m a hint

I am an innuendo
An oblique shaded tint
I’m exactly the kind of thing
That makes you bite your lip

I am constant happening
Susurrations in the breeze
Prodding notions raw emotions
To see what you believe

I am chance. Care to take one?
Do you like the odds?
I’m a clue. Care to buy one?
To pull back my facade

I’m a coin. Care to flip me?
Is it heads or is it tails?
I am choice. Care to make one?
Which of these two trails?

A wink, a tinge, felt on the fringe
Like cobwebs in the woods
I’m an omen still unchosen
Am I bad or am I good?
332 · Oct 2017
I am
I am the bleeding lungs of a scream sustained
for far too long
I am the white knuckles of inconsiderate rage
gripping to strong
I am the splitting ripple echo of a migraine
too big to contain
I am the pummeling assault of spewed words
seething disdain
I am the clenching compressing tension of teeth
ground to dust
I am the derailed rabid raging lunatic
about to combust
I am the catastrophe of inferred innuendos
nothing to lose
I am oppression's obsession convulsing chartreuse
color of lifes bruise
I am the cantankerous susurration
of your sneering disgust
I am the brazen defiance of inferiority
influence unjust
I am the uprising insurgence of misery
you crudely bestow
I am the phantasm succubus of your abyss
I will overthrow

I am
more than my gender
more than my station

I am
here to render
your future frustration
330 · Dec 2018
I have this voice inside my head
That talks and talks and talks
No matter what is done or said
It never ever stops
This little voice inside my head
That masquerades as thoughts
It prattles on relentlessly
With all that I am not
Not nice, not kind, not good enough
Not anything at all
Except the things that it sings
To keep me feeling small
324 · Jul 2018
Romance for me is about moments of connection
to feel something larger than myself
To witness the cosmos in and from the eyes of another
To be vulnerable, raw, wild, honest, open, books of discovery
Moments that make me feel deep and lush
Hypnotic. A whispered word. A brush of skin. Shared desires.
Late nights. Moon light. Inside jokes. Thoughtful words.
Laughter. Fireworks. Fireflies. Campfires. Rainy days in.
Pillow fights. Pranks. Trust. Live music. Cold beer.
Carnivals. Confidence. Honesty. Legos. Little round ice cubes.
Sledding. Gingersnaps. Aggressive Sports. Motorcycles.
Clean lines. The horizon. Walks. Avocados. Wine. Bare feet.
Morbidity. Sarcasm. Wit. Presence. Midnight. Open arms.
Yellow Curry. Coloring. Puzzles. Abandoned Places.
White chocolate. Fruit jellies from Germany. Motown. Violins.
Art Nouveau. Intimacy. Decorum. Curiosity. Metallurgy.
Alchemy. A well told story. Absurdity. Whimsy. Shade. Shadows.
Things that are slightly off. Heavy blankets. Bubbles. Silhouettes.
Glitter. Smirks. Poise. Grace. The melody in a laugh.
The blush of cheeks. The thought in a touch. Poise. Grace.
Night time insect and frog lullabies. Autumn Forests.
The way a hummingbirds and dragonflies fly. Outtakes. Freckles.
Tickles. Rain. Fog. Strangers. Dancing. Finger foods.
Warm apple cider. Open windows.  Wood wind chimes.
Squishing my toes in dirt. The moment a smile begins.
Mood lighting. Candles. String lights. Sherbert. Snuggles.
Warming my **** by a fire and sitting down fast. Treasure.
Lightning. Beethoven. *******. Challenges. Delayed Gratification.
Desired anticipation. Seduction. The wind. Cedar chests. Calliopes.
Austria. Vistas. Fingertips. Dangling my feet. Whispers. Spirals.
Just keeping a list. Don't mind me
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