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Taz Aug 31
To hold her tight
To hold her right
A woman so bright
A woman filled with light
Stars in her eyes
Sunset skies
Next to her and this beautiful sunrise
In a world filled with lies
She is an honest surprise
Each touch, Each moment
Brings me to the horizon
Each kiss, Each laugh
Brings me away from my past
Healthy, loving, caring
As the days go by we continue tearing
The walls of trauma down for one another
Trust in one
When our whole lives we trusted none
To have undone all of our pain
We are the furthest from vain
Angels from the Devine
We are one of a kind
Two beautiful souls
Two beautiful totem poles
I love every inch of her
She loves every inch of me
Love, not a strong enough word
Something more powerful in the works
Taking nothing for granted
She planted a seed in my garden
A blooming admirer
A sequined love, I admire her
Beauty in the beast of a world
Take her hand, then I twirl her
Wholesome Whirl wind kisses
Yes she is my misses
I cannot wait to come back home from work to give her my three wishes
Laughter, hugs, and a million kisses
Written by Lauren Dolbow// Taz//
For my beautiful fiancé ❤️
Taz Jun 18
A love like ours, A love like ours
A love like ours, so pure
A love like ours, two angels in the dark
A love like ours, innocent yet ****
A love like ours, I would kiss her all day if she let me
A love like ours, ups-downs and overall unconditional love
A love like ours, unique, one of a kind
A love like ours, her kisses leave me speechless
A love like ours, her touch makes me weak to my knees
A love like ours, sensational
A love like ours, everyday is a new day to fall deeper in love
A love like ours, never feel stuck
A love like ours, forever is not long enough
A love like ours, two twin flame souls bound together by the elements
A love like ours, I will treasure every single second
A love like ours, will never go unwanted
A love like ours, safe, home, heaven
A love like ours, to always be in her arms
A love like ours, she is my lucky charm
A love like ours, she makes me warm
A love like ours, The woman I adore
A love like ours, nothing about her feels like a chore
A love like ours, radiating at every pore
A love like ours, runs the blood straight to my core
A love like ours, My soulmate and so, so much more
A love like ours, passionate
A love like ours, deep and comforting
A love like ours, synchronized
A love like ours, I love you
A love like ours, A love like ours
Written by: Lauren Dolbow
For my love, Gianna Marie Sarne, I love you my angel<3
Taz Apr 8
Sun kissed skin
Honey brown eyes
This woman, I idolize
She is a wonderful surprise
Day in, day out
This angel,
Makes my heart beat out of my chest
She is nothing like the rest
Unique & sweet
Loving as can be
Like I said before, she is an angel I adore
In this world I could ask for nothing more
For her in my arms
My lucky charm
My other half, I may say
I cherish this woman every day
Intoxicating smile that catches you at hello
Her vibe keeps you feeling mellow
A kiss that sends chills down my body
A feeling I will always miss
A feeling that puts me at bliss
Her hugs so warm & safe
The sad world, is not so sad when she is in-front of me
In fact, the world absolutely disappears
Nor the good, the bad, or the in-between
Leaving two souls falling whole
Never wanting to let go
Hand in hand
Hearts in another
I fall for her everyday
Feeling like summer I may say
When her passionate side comes about
Almost every emotion I have screams out
****, yet lovely
Her intelligence is my key
A mind so beautiful, I am blessed to see
Fiery, fierce spirit
No other woman could even get near it
Determined to the bones
This woman feels like my home.
Written By: Lauren Dolbow
Taz Aug 2019
Like snakes shed old skin
We let go of the old
Let the new in
Change is crucial
You can’t live in last year
So why live in last years mind set?
I do what I do, I do it my best
Being broken is just a token
Live your life a little more cracked open
Let the light shine in
Let yourself never give in
Hope plus happiness is the combo to your own sensational success
With one life heart on our badge
We don’t have much time to make our mark
So waste no time to find you spark
Each and every one of you is a piece of art
Close your eyes to things that bring you down
Open them to things that bring you joy
your life is your own personal Rubix cube
Just remain steady, consistent and with the right attitude.
Written by lauren dolbow
Taz Aug 2019
Internal negotiations
Go on and on in my subconscious
Feeling cautious
Dipping my toes
In all of the unknown
This is the year I left all my comfort zones
Although this does not make me feel alone
I create what I decide to call home
The gates of negativity closed without a plea
I am full of positivity
In every vein
Leading all the way up to my brain
I feel it’s time I let go of all my pain
Unsure of its coming
Could it be maturity?
Or maybe just better at seeing the world I see?
Either way I have learned leading up to this day
There is no reason to keep positive energy at bay
Negative energy is what fuels the dark society
That is not somewhere I would like to be
Head up high, dripping my hair in the clouds
I do nothing but smile and make the best of the most
Now living by the coast
I feel the ocean is my host
Everyday feeding my brain
To just sit on its sand and let the waves wash away the pain
Growing is about learning your pain
Then letting it go straight out of your brain
We seed our own manifestation
So with a little happiness
We can all be at bliss
Be kind to all strangers
Especially those that look anxious
They are the ones the need it the most
No loved ones to keep them afloat
Tell them something to get them to smile
Then walk away your job is done
They will be happy for awhile
Life is about the little things
But not the ones most of us thinks
It’s about spreading the love
To whoever you may reach
Because one day we all will be in
Solemn  Peace
Hand in hand
Hearts in another
Everyone you see has a mother
With them or not
We all were born to do something great
And not be forgot
Let go of shame
Let go of pain
Let life take you for a ride
Just go where it wants you to fly
That’s where you will feel the most alive
Never able to feel the need to hide
Be the person you want on the inside
It’s up to you to be your own guide
Hold onto the dream you had as a child
Even Something as silly as
I wanted to do something wild
We are the creators of our on nature
Written by Taz
  Sep 2018 Taz
The poet lives two lives.
One on the outside,
And one in their mind.

When you look in their eyes
You could see an abyss.

If you looked long enough
You could sink into it.

But most people don’t see it.

Take the time to read the words, though,
And you would know for sure.

The poet lives in two different worlds.
A little escape from the madness.
Or maybe, into.
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