Taylor Price Jun 2014
Flowing aimlessly
Through the wells of my mind
Unware of where I am
Unable to connect the thoughts that are racing
I hear my heartbeat
Slow and dim
As if it were far far away
It fades and becomes almost translucent

I pray it to stop
But am never answered
Awake in agony
I wish to fade away to nothing
To become nothing
To transcend
Taylor Price Jun 2014
Her beauty doth arouse temptation
So fiercely though I cannot imagine
My struggle to resist laying upon my hand
The fairest strands that sit a top her head.
My hands tremble with delight

I sit in the midst of the worlds greatest disaster.
Yet I am reduced to the simplicities of batting my eyes
For this woman hath stolen my sight
Upon hers I am commanded to view.
Tis simply a fate solely unwished upon by few.
Her unwavering gaze cannot be replaced
By even the finest rewards from the heavens themselves.
The angels permit themselves to admire only afar.
For if too closely they arrive t'would be a prison.
The very same prison I hath myself locked within.
The key resting below where the heart doth reside.
To leave I wish not,
For to remove my eyes requires strength unseen by man.
I am a prisoner to my own Desire

— The End —