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TiReSooOmEe3 Oct 2015
Give me a gun
Give me a snake;:'';=!::=;='=:=;=;=
Give me an apple
I'll make you a grape.
  Oct 2015 TiReSooOmEe3
Noah Ducane
For you, my friend, I have a gift:
The endless, and the infinite-
and all that can come of them.

And if you'd like to like it, do so.
And if you don't, don't.
But it's all the same.

Life is one holy river, with ebbs and flows.
It comes and goes, and knows no time.

For you, my friend, there is no end.
But beginning will begin to see;
the island of days drifting into a sea of confusion.
  Oct 2015 TiReSooOmEe3
The mind stays steady as your fingers race
up and down the alphabet
tapping a dance across a key board
this is a poets voice,
singing songs plucked out of the great silence.
TiReSooOmEe3 Oct 2015
Eating my
I'm pickle
I am Pi*Ckle.
TiReSooOmEe3 Oct 2015
Tickle toe juice
Any girl want to get loose like a goose
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