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Black ink being spilled,
Scorching words uttered,
Soul shattered,
Emotions scattered,
She has been put down badly,
Her femininity being the only reason,

Like a warrior she fights,
For her rights,
Sprinkled upon the coal black darkness; were the twinkling stars,
Soul woven back with pearls,
Emotions with a golden thread,
Power walking like a QUEEN that she is,
Oh! She has never been so strong.

~ Ayesha Nadeem
I was walking leisurely
one fine day
I found a shortcut
on the way
but it wasn't to be
I landed up under a tree
grazed my arm
and my knee
The root of the tree
I didn't see

A young lass lifted me
up from the grass
She was half my age
so I didn't mind
the fall
Shaking, she took me
home for tea
All because of the root
that I couldn't see

— The End —