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Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Life revolves around truth and lie
If your ambition is **** too high
That ferocious fire won't let u die
Emotion is sublime,soon it will fly
Fate kneels down in front of try
Every life is only beneath the sky

You are your own architect,not they
Time is impartial,the wise men say
But the summer arrives only in may
If one fails, go for some other way
The waves regularly sweeps the bay
Pearls can come out on any odd day

Cheat is crime,but hardship is legal
Health is your cab,peace is its diesel
After death life is still a sick riddle
Train your farsight like that of eagle
It might be like thread in the needle
But here fate plays the second fiddle

Failure are like grey clouds in the blue
Endure this pain, as chances are few
In the day light,people may praise you
In the dark night,they may abuse you
Except you,nobody 'll tell what is true
Nothing is eternal,as every day is new

You will fall,if your passion is lame
Toil hard or story will be the same
Seek nobility as well,not just fame
No matter how fate plays the game
Turn mad n wild to persue your aim
So that history echoes your name
Sahil Sharma Dec 2018
One day I'll come to take you with drums and flute
Waiting for the day when we'll share the same roof
How much we love, doesn't need any proof
We are held together like the shoot with the root

Why would i fear darkness when you are my light
We will be sharing the same dinning table every night
Then grabbing you in my arms and holding you so tight
Handle me, I may turn wild and stupid in this delight

We are inseparable, like the stars from the sky
You are the ultimate reason of my smile and cry
Together we will run we will crawl and we will fly
People have conquered Everest, it was also too high

After having you, my all dreams converged into one
I wanna see this face every morning before the sun
We'll surely live the dreams which we have spun
Nothing should fall short that much I'll earn

The sun is fuming red hot, just unfurl your hair
Buds have turned pale, beware of the spying air
Like your skin, my fate now looks beautiful and fair
I guess that God has finally accepted my prayer
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Today's generation don't make much of their adulthood..
Not only in city,gadgets have arrived even in the wood..

Not sure about aliens but one can connect with any man on planet
Kids should be furled,sending emails at young age is not so big talent

Traveling in cars or posing with some food is like a booper..
Reality is pure, still to hide it they edit as fine as a cooper..

In groups,they only plan for some tours and some wine..
But they hardly meet, at midnight they just wish you online..

Late night conversations seems like the bright moon in a lake..
Beware! While chatting,words and emoticons can be fake..

What's happening in their home, they are not much aware..
When think about the carriers,seems like a nightmare..

The bank is in your pocket, but wages need lots of sweat and blood..
Music is a monsoon day but too much of rain can produce mud..

Pictures hold memories but eye captures the moment..
Mobiles can be handy but browsing needs improvement..

You can access to anything, live cricket needs just one click..
Social sites build your personality, your each post acts like a brick

Data can be downloaded from any site, but experience has no link
Chances are like sale offers on brands, validity expires in a blink..

To quench one's loneliness,their well doesn't have much time
No force can retrace this age, time is such fast and sublime

The dawn of twentieth century brought ease n disease at our door..
Instead of spending time with family,people love their phone more..
Sahil Sharma Sep 2018
Don't stay quiet, let's hv some words, come here and sit..
You might have issues, night is silent but descriptive a bit..

A wide gorge of communication though sitting on same bench..
Under a green canopy, none willing to be first,waiting for other to quench..

Eventually both uttered in unison, asking about the heath..
Words can be misleading, but these dark eyes are not stealth..

Can't hide everything, let me place these flicks behind the ear..
No man no bird is spying us,my girl don't fear only I'm near..

Clouds are repelling, the crystal moon is now shining on us..
If life is a road, then I'm the passenger and you are my bus..

Same brightness same shyness, luckily time has come to halt..
Let's dwell into past, and reinvent the moment erasing each fault..

Now all doubts are evaporating, my miserable life is again rejuvenating..
Making me realise that God wasn't so unkind to me but merely inspecting..

To earn your love,I promise, no stone will be left unturned..
Just stand by me, without you all glories will be unearned...
Sahil Sharma Oct 2018
On my bicycle,i was a daily devotee of your lane
With arms in arms,we could fly higher than the plane
The world will also call me lunatic and insane
But things have changed, we may never meet again
Somedays laughter and somedays tears would drain
Stubborn heart has some disputes with the brain
Yes,the treausre of your love gave me some rain
But no grudges can be induced since you are the pain

I know that you still love and care
My old black coat you still wear
Hard to find another, you are rare
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..

I have poured my feelings in every single mail
Words were dug from core of my heart, not from sale
Your mails are safe, though pages have turned pale
We didn't keep any of our secret under any veil
Never knew this would turn into such a beautiful tale
Oops! now in dreams only we both can now sail
In this solitude, my words have grown into bale
But your memories will never allow me to fail

Lap under my head, shadow of hair
You deserve all hence praise is fair
Open the chains and fall in the air
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..

Since life is neither a business nor a game
Loosing you is not a matter of pity and shame
I'll stand by you, whatsoever they put blame
Right now my heart is pumping for your name
And my anxiety is furious like the hot flame
But i have learnt that my fate is quite is lame
Although the address of our cities is not same
Yet our stills are enclosed inside one frame

Not apart,just in two bodies we share
Distance can never separate our pair
Close your eyes, and just feel the air
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..
Sahil Sharma Sep 2018
Life is not just birth and death
Live it fullest with each breath

Life is given by mother and father
It's essentially for these two rather

Life has colour, life has taste
Know its worth don't just waste

Life takes test, future gives grades
Profit and loss are sure in trades

Life is in woods as well as in sea
Still its not everyone's cup of tea

Life is metro like fast and full
Moves ahead by push and pull

Life can create either a lamb or a lion
Since there are only two faces of coin

Life gifts us few stars and few scars
Let words be free not behind the bars

Life enjoys win after broken by defeat
Loneliness makes memories sweat

Life is a myth and life is a magic
Someday hilarious ,someday tragic

Life is either silence or sound
Except these,nothing is found

Life puts question to soul and head
Both love and war are painted in red

Life is binary either zero or one
Dark as night or bright as sun

Life was child and life will be old
No clock is great enough to hold

Life lies in naked, behind the curtain
Then why to hide when end is certain

Life is beautiful, life is charm
Smile is therapy, worry is harm

Life seeks neither heaven nor hell
Fate will be kind if behaviour is well

Life is a student,also life is a teacher
Mind is a house, words are furniture

Life is too brisk, so take every risk
Some are unsung ,some are in disk

Life is voyage though bit short
Sail smooth and clinch the fort
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
You are a sailor if life is a vast ocean..
Here sail-n-surf,very thrilling notion..

Heart does trade with silly emotion
Desires ditch reality,if you lack devotion

Trusting too early is not so very wise..
People turn strangers in their uprise...

Be an artist not the tyrant of ur life
Anger at its apogee, cut like a knife

In dejection time,even silence is noise
Enduring other's hatred is a better choice

Speech is razor-sharp,can easily slice
Before making a decision,think twice

Eyes turn coy when the truth is caught
Just keep it simple n filter ur thought

Like weather, experiences are cool n hot
Hardwork is perennial but luck is not

Deeds are examined,so keep the token
Progress is still when hopes are broken

Pain is felt when own soul is shaken
Just believe in God when all is taken

Pearls come out during ebb at the shore..
Money gives gold but manners shine more

Success is urgency,patience is the cure
Nothing stays forever,expiry is for sure

Life has its fragrance,life has its taste
Laughter is healthy, worry is waste

Love is water, dilutes colour n caste
Polish your soul,skin goes ashes at last
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Aaj achanak hi kyu azadi k din hume apne mulk ki itni yaad aayi
Jb kurbaan hue jawan sarhad pe,tb kyu nhi aankho me nami aayi

Zara dil se b izzat kr lo mere yaaro, kyuki ye zameen h hum sabki
Kuch nahi le jao ge sath apne, milni h ess me hi raakh hum sabki

Koi loot raha h gareeb ki jaeb, koi kr raha h bezuba awaam se faraeb
Umeed h kashmir me aman hoga,toh aur b meethe hoge waha k saeb

Jo saha h dard in kisaano ne, umeed h unka ye dard tumhe b mehsoos **
Daer raat in anderi galliyo se guzrti har beti har maa ki raah mehfooz **

Mazboot kr lo apne rishto ko,inpe h nigah kbhi mazhab ki kbhi siyasat ki
Na rang se pehchan ** na hi adoore ang se,ek si taraki ** har ek riyasat ki

Rishwat gareebi khudgarzi aur na jaane kitne h es mulk ko lge marz
Kbhi fursat hui toh janne ki koshish krna kitne h es maa k tumpe karz

Har bache ko ilm ** es janoon ka,taki ye kamyaabi k kadam ruk na paye
Bss ik ehsaan krna khud pe,ki teri kisi harqat se kehi iska ser juk na jaye

Dhua bss yehi h ki aane wali koi b nasal kabhi na ruksat ** es fitoor se
Chand taaro pe chle b gye agr phir b krte rehna sada salam waha door se
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
The height of mountains,the shine of fountains..
The parks with showers, the gardens with flowers..
The smile of a child,the noise in the wild..
The business  of milk, the fashion of silk..
The shadow of a tree,the fruits in free..
The soil is not fertile, the prayers are futile...
The tractors replaced bull,the hospitals are full..
The spray on all plants, the organs have transplants..
The drift in season, the depleting woods is reason..
The survival is main, the life is in rain..
The wealth of an ocean,the ships in motion..
The fish have plea, the plastic out of sea..
The greeds of man,the lame monitoring of ban..
The conflicts of brooks, the treaties in books..
The lust of this soil, the blood on boil..
The globe with borders, the wars on orders..
The lynching for leather, the summits on weather..
The ivory is like gold,the tusks are sold..
The freedom of a bird, the eye of the third..
The world beyond sky,the rockets to fly..
The open tap in drain, the skyscrapers in vain..
The thunder is aloud, the uncertainty of cloud..
The huge rate of birth, the plight of the earth..
The crisis of starvation, the calendars for salvation..
The threats of weapon,the world war can happen..
The dark fumes in air, the need of care..
The melting of glacier, the authorities are lazier..
The havoc of disaster, the nature is still master..
The disappearance of sparrow, the mind in still narrow..
The nature can bind,the  threat on man kind..
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Book of life brings various mysterious chapters,one such spells my visit to village..
It was so awe aspiring, but no man's clock can be rewinded to bring that timeless age...

I shouted in wilderness like the way toy means to infant's rejoice...
my words couldn't jump over the peaks, bouncing back my voice...

I was panting and cramps got better of me,pushing me to rest on flat limestone...
But enjoying every bit of that pilgrimage and witnessing melodious chirping tone...

I resumed my journey upwards but soon grey clouds triggered the quenching rain...
Closing my eyes,i opened my arm,kids with cherry cheeks called me tenuous insane...

It seemed as if almighty took me to the heaven, being surrounded by the flowery and green hills...
In the east breeze those school kids were skidding down the ***** with their paper windmills..

An aged shepherd was looking for some shelter,not for himself but for his lamb and sheep..
Such care, such love,that's why the wool machine searched the banyan where her master could sleep...

Some urbans haven't travelled to such pictures just because of it's tech- remoteness..
Wish i had my own hut in the vicinity of woods giving utmost peace,but I'm hapless...

Darkness is floating through narrow lane yet eye catches only citylight..
But wish i could dream again in countryside under shiny moonlight..
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
So much brave n herculean was to bunk the class..
Tonigt remembering those days with wine in glass..

We all started the journey of pen n paper on the same date..
Trust was so rigid, we were like brothers not just classmate..

Other's tiffin was more fascinating than the own one..
Finishing that before the recess ring, during early sun..

Snatching the snacks more than an octopus..
School bus turned into a poetry hub for us..

In school,Parents-teacher meet was like our red letter day..
Our complaints would be highlighted and we feared it as slay..

Staying ready at the door steps in just a single phone call..
Someone getting the bat and others collecting money for ball..

Watching dusshera or flying kites in hot weather..
Like carpels of an orange, we used to stay together..

Time was accelerating,teenage became prism..
Splitting us all,carrier at stake triggered activism..

In every high and low of life, only our dear friends came..
Like birds,now stay on different trees, but still the sky is same..
Sahil Sharma Nov 2018
You all will agree that school life was best
Sharing same bench was undoubted blest

Heaven was there for these nestlings in nest
No idea of big world, everyday was fest

Different skins, uniform quashed that contest
Shoes were polished and badges on chest

One disliked his tiffin but others could digest
Football was punctured, but no fall in zest

Compass used to spin, divider stayed in rest
From pet animals to nomenclature of each pest

Notorious as school bus, nostalgic as class test
The story of nails marks, that fight, that jest

We thought it as home, but everyone was guest
Ready for their flight, tickling at the crest

Now few have jobs while others are in quest
One flock in the east, another flock in the west
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
So cool is that shadow when her flicks drop
Her mesmerising touch took me above the top
Her aroma can't be found in the bouquet shop
But life is not constant, switches like flip n flop

Both were travelling on the same track
Then suddenly she traced her feet back
All glories were lost in the unknown black
Smiles and tears were served in one pack

The envelope of her memories is quite thick
The joy of solitude, experienced by a sick
Darkness is dousing the fight of burning wick
Hard to imagine how destiny plays such trick

Merged our thoughts like clouds in the sky
In her absence, I had never been so high
But all those dreams are turning into lie
Faced dejection,now this heart can't fly

Sliding the curtains in morning was a bliss
Now fading away the mark of your kiss
The sunset witnessed that hope and promise
If the love is immortal then where is this
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Thoughts toiling in my headspace can't be put into thesis..
Just one word was enough to shatter my heart into pieces..

Looked like,for me, we two are made for each other..
But she just smiled and said 'move on,you will get better'...

How easy it was for her, but was hard for my heart to understand..
Surrounded by clouds of solitude, didn't look for some other hand..

Almost gave up everything i could have, only in her desire..
Perhaps i wasn't that special to her, but love never gets expire..

Though had daily meets for few year, yet two were standing apart..
Couldn't pause those moments as time rolls down like cart..

Travelled a bit longer distance to share some more time with her..
None to blame,only my shallow expectations made me suffer..

Every moment spent with her is still alive in my mind forever..
Like the day and night, our destiny couldn't help us bind together..
Sahil Sharma Nov 2018
Rigid and patient, the untold story of the wall..
You'll not be alone, it will always stay tall..
It won't leak your secrets, howsoever small..
Paint with your favourite colour and erase gall..
Hang photoframes, which you bought from mall..
Size may differ,but job is same for hut and hall..
Whether sun aur wind, it will revolt against all..
Shielding you from every strange eye ball..
Caring an introvert,no doubt of slave or thrall..
Starring at silent lips , eyes shedding water fall..
In solitude, it'll listen your screaming call..
And it will surround you in every rise and fall..
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Time is supreme, erases all with it's flow..
Upgrade yourself, time doesn't get slow..
It's like see-saw, sometimes high sometimes low..
The flowers, the thorns you reap are the seeds you sow..
If experience is bow, then hardwork is it's arrow..
Expand your vision, and your comfort very narrow..
If success comes, don't let your ego grow..
If you lose, don't let your passion bow...
Fear escapes when the lamps of faith glow..
Lust dies when the winds of struggle blow..
Your journey is a noisy brook, learn to row..
Make your own script,life is a messy show..

— The End —