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Ariana Bagley
MacKenzie Warren
eric calabrese
new york    Poetry in motion To inspire the uninspired, to enlighten the mind of another human being, to make a difference is what i deem to be ...
Sarah Spencer
19/F/Indiana    Getting to know myself more every day<3
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
I am simply an artist and a poet who has learned to paint with what I have.
She Writes
31/F/NE    My first collection is available now in both paperback and ebook format! “She Writes” by Niya Grey. I will drop the link below. I appreciate ...
California    blue light unraveling everywhere
24/M    I couldn’t find what I was looking for in humans, but I found it in between the lines IG devante_393
Germany    21 year old student with an unconditional love for words and poetry. Feel free to scroll through my work and discover the passion of poetry ...
Joshua Sanders
26/M/Florida    I hope I can write something really good some day. That's all.
Things I'll Never Say
27/F/Ontario, Canada    Some days I will post WAY too much. Sometimes I wont post for weeks. I only write when I'm feeling things strongly. I feel everything ...
F    I write to forget things and to ease the pain my emotions always make sense when I put them into a poem.
Lexi Fields
21/F    The Traumatized Child
Rob Rutledge
For a so called 'Writer' I have no idea what to write here.

— The End —