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Aleczander Sep 28
Oh my Ophelia,
My beauty,
My Angel,
Oh, how I love you,
My Ophelia.

I want you to,
Adore me,
Desire me,
Cherish me.

Oh my Ophelia,
Open your eyes!
Warm your lips for they are algor,
Hold me for you are limp.

Open your mouth,
Speak to me,
Answer me,
Oh my Ophelia.

Why are you,

I beg of you, my love,
Stay with me.
So I wrote a poem called 'Ophelia' 2 years ago but, I lost it so I rewrote it, so this is it.
Aleczander Sep 9
Does it,
Make you feel better,
Make you feel like a man,
Make you feel big and bad,

You hit her,
You **** her,
You choke her,

Do you,
Enjoy it,
Love it,
Crave it,

You want to taste,
Her fear,
Her Pain,
Her tears,

How would you like to feel,
Her pain,
Her fear,
Her tears,

You wouldn't survive it.
I don't know where this came from but, I just let it out.
Aleczander Sep 9
My love!
My love,

My angel sent from gods,
My Goddess,
My rose,
My dear,

She left,
Gone forever,

Oh how I miss her
My love,
Come back to me,
I pray to the gods,
To cure her illness,

But she's gone now
I pray for her love
And her heart back,
But nothing,
Aleczander Sep 9
Mon amour!
Mon amour,

Mon ange envoyé des dieux,
Ma déesse,
Ma rose,
Mon cher,

Elle est partie,
Parti pour toujours,

Oh comme elle me manque
Mon amour,
Répondez moi plus ****,
Je prie les dieux,
Pour guérir sa maladie,

Mais elle est partie maintenant
Je prie pour son amour
Et son cœur en arrière,
Mais rien,
I had fun with this one.
Aleczander Mar 29
Storms in your eyes,
Storms in your heart,
Storms in the love you give me,
The storms you hate so dearly,

But you seem to be blind,
You can't see,
How your storms are cages,

Quite sad,
Because I love you,
I loved you............

Aleczander Mar 29
People tell you,
To fear the unknown,

They say,
Be scared of,
The things that go bump in the night,

Why be scared,
Of the things that go bump in the night,

When there the closes thing to family I have.........

By a long shot.
Aleczander Mar 29
When she smiles,
The world stops,
When I smile,
It keeps moving,

When she cry's,
You drop everything,
When I cry,
You fail to notice,

When she's in pain,
You give her anything,
When i'm in pain,
You don't even bat an eye,

She's your,
Perfect Little Girl,

I'm your,
Perfect Little Mistake.
I wrote this poem 11/30/19 but I thought you would still want to read it.
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