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Pedro munoz Nov 2018
I hear the clock tick and the fan tock
Everything is standing still
except for my breath
As I hear your low growl echo in my chest and vibrate into my throat
I dare not move
Your hand cups my razor sharp shoulder
I dare not move
I fear I'll slice into your paper thin hand

The scent of vanilla and warm rose fill my lungs with adrenalin and insomnia

Once again, I hear the clock tick and the fan tock
Everything is standing still except for time
Your hand grips my shoulder blade tighter
I soften
Don't you know how delicate your skin is?
Your pulsing cheek warms my chest and
I soften
Nothing is standing still and I finally fall into sleep

My dreams come alive
During hose first nights you spend with a new lover it is always hard to get comfortable.
Pedro munoz Aug 2017
Once again I lay awake
In our bed

My arm is numb from your heavy head
I slip away to do my deeds
Although I know the moon is watching me

Just stay in silence
Because change only comes
When I've come term with my weighted down heart

So let the moon be my guide
Even though it's not always bright

For fifteen days I walk though dark
And the 15 other I play the part

That you need from me

In order for me to keep my conscious clean
Ill tell you stories to make me look smart
But i am dense and dull and dumb

No matter what you'll see me as the one
Sometimes love takes time and heart aches.
  Jun 2016 Pedro munoz
Free Bird
Always pay attention
When someone else is speaking
If it didn't mean something to them
They wouldn’t talk about it at all

Always listen closely
For the answers you are seeking,
May be closer than you think
Found in the ramblings of that call

Imagine if you will
A world where everyone cared
Where they leaned ear in intently
Instead of filling our heads with doubt

Maybe we'd all be happier;
Collectively less scared
We could solve all of life's problems
If we just heard everybody out

You see confidence builds greatness
Yet we continue to put each other down
Jealousy and rage keep us from turning the page
Even when the story could teach us something profound
Pedro munoz Jun 2016
Remember that time...?
Wait, you're not around to reminisce with.
At least I have my paper and pen to make it real.

It was surprisingly cool out for Florida in the fall

All the more reason to have you cuddle up under my arm.
You slide over with weary shuffles,
I simply open up to let you in

I asked you what you'd like to do
And you replied sheepishly,
"I don't care"
At that moment I knew you just wanted my presence.

We arrived in a dimly lit park,
At a dark hour when no children were  playing.
All the more excuse to touch your lips to mine.

I can't seem to remember a step by step description of how your lips met mine,
Because the momentum building into it
Carried enough electricity that I blacked out.

I do remember asking if you'd like to go home.
When you replied with conservative eyes
"I don't care".
I knew that meant you were ready for bed.
Just not your own.
Pedro munoz May 2016
Unrestricted romances repeatedly consume the barren space between my sternum and spine.
A void that formed with the absence of your shores.
In its place you left no lake.
But instead, the sand that once met your waters is now a desert with dunes that were created with the whistle of the wind. The scorching sun with cloudless sky's, won't allow the flings to blossom into petals glowing with vivid colors, and aromas that cause your eyes to close, and breath to become deeper.
Artificial stems are dug into the ground with hopeless faith. I now have a garden of tulips
and roses
daisy and
morning glories.
With a white picket fence to maintain a level of structure in this lifeless terrain.
I'll carry pales of water to try and quench the sand and allow the elements at hand to create rocks. From those rocks moss will grow and with the passing of time succulent greens will arise.
Tainted views that evolved from our father's need to place explanation of the moon shining solely at night, and birds chirping at the break of dawn, contradict my insight of what is required to fill my barren landscape.
  Apr 2016 Pedro munoz
I fell in it
A handful of times
Those burning embers
Of love and trust
The consuming flames
Of the pleasures of lust
The perpetual game
Of push and shove

I get tired
And burned out
Running from all
Life's broken rules
And after all
I don't care to revisit
Those old blues
But don't get me wrong
I'm still your one
And only fool

Because you know
Once or twice
In the darkest
Part of life
I was so blessed
To have your light!
I would never take your love for granted.
(My girlfriend edits all my poems for me)

This didn't even trend, how can it be a daily?
Thank you my cyber family!
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