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Dancing music chord
On a Friday night
And sipping classic drugs
An euphoria between the eyes.

Attempted dance missed the legs,
Emptiness and hollow feelings.
The eyes are thin and might be red
Two more sips to do the biddings.

Life is short and no retry,
Anaesthesia to help feel fine
And a reminder for tonight,
That It's a beautiful Friday to be alive.
Alone all day with my thoughts,
The seed of hardwork left untouched.
So I put out the light,
Hoping only to see what's right.
But all I saw was wailing,
Faces of children killed by drownings.

The truth as we know it to be as changed
We can't do what's right since we're no saint.
We do against what we preach, we slain,
We steal even from God but call it gain.

How do you buy what was never sold?
The devil didn't buy us, we chose.
Money comes first, no humanity bestowed
Creation of wealth, enormous regrets.
Gazing at a brilliant set of ivory white
I was struck by the astonishing gaps
A space where we both unite
In your mouth and soul perhaps.

The scary thought of losing you has went too far,
Our naked truth now seem like a joke badly cracked.
Yet I looked around and all I saw was you,
With a beautiful face and a dashing tooth.

My bracket collection of bangles,
Makes me wanna think less of diamond.
A satire of ending nonsense
Created my form of happiness below sunset.

The thirst for water that confound hunger,
Gives a sweet melody music that has no sound
To you, I'm broken and just seeking a shoulder
But I need no food neither am I dying any time soon.

This poem to you, can prove to have no meaning
Deep insight's only for those who can seek it.
I have spoken, I'll enter my dream smiling
since I'm making no sense to only those who can't read it.
Now we wait and see who loves us,
We wait to see if our hopes are still intact, or maybe they left us.
Now we pray we live another day with no grudge,
A better tomorrow full of love not minding our bad source.

Now we wait and see if that child can walk again.
Broken dream lost inside seas and oceans,
Building bridges, greatness without emotions.

They say circle of wisdom between lives can be unfair,
For we give more than we receive yet we have more than we need.
We can't help what life brings yet we pray without cease.
Building a future we seem right we became scared of a future we can't sight.

Are you scared?
Yes I am, so I put my emotions in words.
If i get to see another day , I'll remember what i said today,
To be and not to be,
What tomorrow brings is the answer.
So stop waiting , let your today bring you closer.

— The End —