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Cheyenne Apr 8
To you, I was a butterfly
To me, you were a prince
The one who I could count on to show up in armor shining bright

Oh, so bright
Bright, unlike your eyes
That had darkened with pain

Pain that you passed on to me
Passed like a torch to carry for miles
A torch with no endpoint but its next victim

A butterfly can only carry itself so far with the weight of a torch
A torch, thrown into a heart
A heart with paper walls and gasoline veins
Cheyenne May 2018
Lost in the height of my own endeavors,
A bright blue light awakens me.
It's you.
Not the you that I hoped it would be, but the you that maybe I needed it to be.
Not the you that left me cold inside, but the you that I left cold.
I prayed for him to return one day, but instead you've returned; sweet in your own way.
My heart is not healed;
My life is not whole,
But maybe, just maybe,
I need this stroll - down memory lane, then up the next street.
You'll disappear once more, and I'll be left alone, but at least in this moment I feel at home.
Cheyenne May 2018
Soft rose lips brush blushed cheeks
Like the wind caresses the petals of a flower
Callused hands run over scarred legs
Memorizing every dip and peak
Grey eyes search hazel
Grey like the clouds that hide the moon
Grey like a weeping sky
But not grey like most love
No, this love was black and white
But with all the colors of the rainbow
This love was everything beautiful about a rainy day
This was love
Cheyenne May 2018
Dust and shadows: a wondrous thought
Made of these things, yet we burn so hot
Closer related to stars we must be
Erupting for Mother Galaxy to see
We're not so different, dearest Brother Sun
We both emit flames as part of our fun
You will of course outlive us men
But we'll both implode once we reach our end

Dust and shadows: a harrowing thought
Do we turn life to dust when we burn this hot?
Does our light create shadows in our wake?
How many planets will we take?
They say black holes can be small as pin heads
I'd say there are more in the size of our friends
Isn't it queer that we shine so bright,
Only to end as the reaper of light?

Dust and shadows: a chilling thought
The absence of light leaves the world cold and fraught
The cycles of cosmos know better than us
At breaking point, it is them we must trust
When Time stills our blaze
There is no room for fear
For the pull of our souls
Will hold Sun and Dust near

— The End —