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Nidhi May 2021
I got a paper cut
but not on my finger
but on my tongue
from licking the sticky part of the envelope
The envelope with the lies you told me
the lies I told myself
the broken promises
the salty tears dripping down
the strong fumes
the kind of fumes that burn your eyes
The nightmares from my head
the cold lips in winter
broken memory
But now  
its time to close the envelope
the cut on my tongue will heal
with no scar
#Deep #poem #heartache #think
Nidhi Mar 2021
you put your fingers and stretch your eyes like dough
and yell ching chong... ching chong
you slurp our noodles, and you play with our chopsticks
tap tap... tap tap
you say you've been to China
but the only China you went to was China town in California
you take the tiles of Mahjong and run those squares into spehers
rolling those spheres on the cold wooden floor
You take our jade stone
the stone of luck and good health
but what good luck and health are we feeding our soul
you turn our jade to coal
you grab everything we have with your filthy rich hands
filthy and gross
those filthy hands are always wrapped around a gun
one finger on a trigger
with one release
it can take a mans beathe away
and that's exactly what you did...
and took his breath.....
and roam to the next house with a loaded gun
ready to **** the next one
this poem is about how Asians to endure assault every day and nobody should go through this this has to end now. We will get through this together never alone
  Mar 2021 Nidhi
Nidhi Mar 2021
Is it french? or Gibberish?.
the words fumble out of my tongue
words with jagged places
swirled and curved lines
curved like her smile
not her body
though her body is beautiful
but her smile is the only curve that makes my french melt
is it french? or just Gibberish?
  Mar 2021 Nidhi
dynamite and gasoline
a match strike
and the World drinks oil
Nidhi Mar 2021
orange marmalade ribboned on warm toast
reflecting the golden light from the sun
It looks like Cleopatra's prize possession
It is too bright for a ghost to see
And too valuable to be an investment
Orange marmalade
How it swirls in your tongue
Too afraid to swallow it
Oh how I admire the orange marmalade
It's like a slice of happiness
The sun sprinkled on the orange marmalade
You can see all the orange pieces tucked in the marmalade
I love orange marmalade
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