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Dolores Mar 24
Oh Spring,
when rain falls from clear skies
disguised surprise,

Dolores Feb 29
I'm swinging it away
I'm giving You a hint,
I'm buying her a dark green mug,
Sugar-coated fairy plum.

Crystal drops roll down her face,
I give her presents,
A pile of things,
Shiny, sparkly, golden rings,

I buy her ships to sail away
So she could leave me any day.
I grow her flowers to lay on my tomb,
And pray that she is not alone.
Dolores Feb 1
Over Your body the clouds go
High, high and icily
And a little flat, as if they

Floated on a glass that was invisible.
Unlike swans,
Having no reflections;

Unlike You,
With no strings attached.
All cool, all blue. Unlike You

You, there on Your back,
Eyes to the sky.
The spider-man have caught You.

Winding and twining their petty fetters,
Their bribes-
So many silks.

How they hate You.
They conserve in the valley of Your fingers, they are inchworms.
They would have You sleep in their cabinets,

This toe, and that toe, a relic.
Step off!
Step off seven leagues, like those distances

That revolve in Crivelli, untouchable.
Let this eye be an eagle
The shadow of this lip, an abyss.

~ Sylvia Plath
My favorite from the one and only Sylvia Plath❁
Dolores Nov 2023
I **** fire with fire,
I drown water in liquid,
Bounded by my ties are earthly,
My father is a whirlwind.
Dolores Sep 2023
He used to hide things for me
In the microwave
Or under a pile of serviette
In a metal room
Where I hid to eat
I ran away from all the heat
To talk about familiarities

He used to give things to me
On long working days
Chocolate ice cream,
Mixed with kindness
Served with dreams
Talks past midnights
Evening shifts

And when you were gone
My Mom told me,
That some things fade
And life moves on
Feelings shift
New plans will form
And loosing someone will keep you silent

But the things you gave me will always be kept.

Dolores Jun 2023
Phthalo blue
You know I loved you

When the stars came out
And you painted them,

And when they disappeared
You left with them.
Dolores Feb 2023
I run from Becky,
She won't follow,
Lost to Jesus,
I live in sorrow.

I dwell in pain,
I shed some tears,
Change for the better,
But I'm still afraid

That I'll have to
Live without her,
Haven't seen her
Since last November,

I try to forget,
The things she shared,
The pain she left,
The way we met.

I think of her
And let her go
If you read this Becky,
I love you so

In this ache,
That I put myself in
I decided,
I run to Becky.
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