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Bold Pond blues
and deep Sea dives,
Morning teas
and weekend cries,

Late night binges
I can't stop,
Loosing myself
In fast food fights,

Happy places
found in nature,
Others trying
to become my teachers,

Warm, quick tears
on ice cold faces,
Escaping places,
Not leaving traces.
She in her red dress,
We are listening to the orchestra,
I sit by the lake at Night,
Like these were my memories.
Secret situations,
They gonna' **** me.
My storm, it was always lighter,
I figured out I'm not a fighter,
My ways to predict my own future,
At certain times it's such a torture,

I'm kind of coping, I eat and pray,
And force myself to break away,
From old habits and comfort zones,
Sweet memories of deep, blue ponds,

I compare my fate to others'
Hoping one day I can settle,
And be myself, feel proud, free, happy,
Find my place in this world I'm trapped in.
Your skies are blue,
Your waters are deep,
Your lies are true,
Your shallows are steep,

Late at night,
I wonder in your place,
In the crowds, you are a familiar face,
A glance at you, I hold my gaze,
You disappear, won't leave no trace,

I've long decided,
I'm making sure we are not divided,
To get a love I never gave,
I stay until your rainbows fade.
If you cut my ears
I won't still be no horse
I can only adapt,
But can't change for roles,

And while I just can't keep no hopes,
Failing to catch what Life may throw
My way to figure out,
I'm not a stayer, just a 'passer by'.
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