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Put your head under water
So you can hear the sound
The water makes,
When your feet lose the ground
Places where I'm bound.
DoloresDarlene Dec 2022
This is going to be hard,
She turned to me and said, in the dark,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I can’t go home, and it hurts to stay,
I wake every day just to pretend and play
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I feel trapped by some people who love me,
And those who I love, hurt me,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I feel ashamed, for I can’t cope with pressure
But how could I live, if I cannot stress her?
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I hold onto things which I should let go of,
Memories, letters, pink palms and photos,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.
DoloresDarlene Nov 2022
Violet wait,
Violet move on,
It’s not yours to keep
Was never yours to take.

Violet stay,
Violet run far,
The stars are not aligned
Don’t search for signs, Divines

Violet tears,
Violet you’re tough
With time you’ll have,
No scars on your heart.
DoloresDarlene Nov 2022
I’m so happy that the rain has stopped,
My hands got so tired of holding the umbrella.

While I should have just let the rain come.
DoloresDarlene Nov 2022
I walk those streets with cobblestones
I stop by your house,
I count the windows
Lights on
I remember the doors, the numbers
Third on the left
Clothes on dryers
It’s such a mess you apologize,
Your help caught me by surprise

Knowing you is comfort
I can’t fill up spaces left by people
How I cut those strings if I get too close
In conversations my mind froze,
But not with you
You get my thoughts,
I remember our late night walk
Tiny room, our midnight talk
Two people who fell apart.
DoloresDarlene Nov 2022
It used to be a Sunday,
Now it is a Monday,
The colors had changed too,
From orange to green,
The numbers from two to four,
Lost One on the go,
He fled as well,
Now twice the pain,
Soccer ball under the table,
No one there to play with it.

No arranged seats,
On old, gray sofas,
I won't hear your stories,
Your empty seats in every room,
All the things I can't ask you,
Thinking if you wonder too,
On lonely nights when it's so cold,
If she ever loved me too?
I think I was just there to listen,
Murdered by the wisest killer.

Your voice in my head,
Me doing nothing,
And waiting, always late,
When it came to timing,
It doesn't matter now,
As you'll be gone,
And you won't come back,
You don't even love me back,
And it's been too long,
For me to not move on.

But I'll keep the picture,
It's in my drawer,
My friends tell me I'm such a dreamer,
For thinking we'll be fine again,
But I know we'll never meet again,
So I get to hide my secret,
You were such a dear friend,
Your words so sweet,
When I felt so down,
I wish I could've called you mine.
DoloresDarlene Nov 2022
He is so gray
Cold steel pain,
He drinks wine when it rains,

And when it rains too much
He drinks too much

And he forces his love upon me,
It's because I listen
I'm not lovely,

His eyes are blue
They look so dead,
And when he gets mad
He turns all red,

He talks to me with words so sweet,
Other times they cut so deep,
I really thought that you should know
I've gained much pain by loving you.
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