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Mr S Sep 2018
Where do you stop? Where do I begin?
My heart bleeds into yours, a reservoir of sin. Take me home. Look behind my eyes.
Let me touch your soul, without your compromise.

The walls you’ve built are tall.
These walls I cannot climb.
You once showed me a future.
Now we leave that all behind.

The guessing game begins.
The mystery unfolds.
You told me there was love.
You made it sound so bold.

My old soul six feet under.
My charm rotting decay.
With every fiber of my being I loved.
Will you watch it waste away?

I’m needy right?
Those words cut me like jagged shards of ice. Making my heart grow cold.
Now I’m losing this fight.

I lay, sit, and walk around in constant torment. My chest chained to an anchor, woven throughout my ribs. You know this and just ignore it.

I am broken. By the one who was suppose to make me whole.
Mr S Sep 2018
He is surrounded by a thousand faces.
Yet, Still the loneliest man in the room.

Whispers encircle him. “He’s everything!”
Yet, he has nothing.

Broken hearted. Suffering mind.
Truth be told, it’s his sadness that shines.

Mistaken for beauty, these ashes of mine.
The one thing he needs, the thing he can’t find.

He gives. He gives. He longs.
They take. They take. Yet, he’s wrong.

Where is simplicity? She has left him.
Sorrow has replaced her.

Sorrow. Misery. Torment.
These are his lovers, his great affair.

“Save me,” he thinks and never says.
Why hear rejection out loud.

Commitment? Only if it’s from him.
Then the pain drives deeper.
The reality of false hope murders his soul.

He’s still breathing. Each exhale a reminder that he’s surrounded by a thousand faces.

— The End —