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missy brown Apr 2019
This is just to say
when i gave you that poem
I had no inkling

Of what was to come -
all the pain awaiting us
The ancestral sin

Temptation, assured
We were manicured, shared prose
Dog-hungry for plums.
None of us are without guilt or sin
missy brown Apr 2019
We are what we hide
in our stomachs, in our hearts
this gordian knot
missy brown May 2019
The little white lies
And radical honesty
I don't wanna know
lies radical honesty
missy brown Apr 2019
Ouch, my finger hurts.
Distant, unamused eyes say,
“Who cares?” Parent fail.
missy brown Apr 2019
Your ambivalence
unlike her riddle in nine
syllables, is clear.
missy brown Apr 2019
retrograde motion
take a pause, a backward step
it's all illusion
missy brown May 2019
You were there then ****
Thoughts of you evaporate.
Please don't stay in touch.

— The End —