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  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
Please tell me you'll fight this fight,
I can't see without your light,
I need you to breathe into my life.

Don't tell me this is goodbye,
I won't grieve - it's not yet time,
Each breath breathed is keeping hope alive

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe

Each breath breathed means we're alive,
And life means that we can find,
The reasons to keep on getting by.

And if reasons we can't find,
We'll make up some to get by,
'Til breath by breath we'll leave this behind.

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe
  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
I was there with you that day
You went to the doctor with the pain
I thought it would be ok
But we both cried
When the doctor
That you had cancer
I was with you every step of the way
You had the treatment
But still day by day
You got weaker
And weaker
Until you couldn't  eat anymore
They said you were going to die
But I didn't believe it
Till the very last day
When you lay there in bed
Knowing what was going to happen
You hugged me one last time
And said I love you
I turned away from the bed
I cried for days on end
Never stopping
I still cry today
But it's hidden
Just like you
In my heart
  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
If this was a love poem
I’d wind your virtues round my fingers
Like wedding rings
And compare your beauty
To some sort of magisterial
Corner of nature
I’d write about ‘time’s winged chariot’
And I’d send you Sonnets
Cross-cut across desks -
Paper aeroplanes.
If this was a love poem
I’d find all these pretty little parallels
Between you and I
And I’d join our constellations of freckles
With ink chains and metaphors
Until we too enjoyed Paris
In the starlight
Or could afford each other
Rather than flowers
But I won’t write you love poems
Because we studied them for too long
In English class
And wrung all the enjoyment out of them
Like inked sponges
And you said you hated poems
Because they were never written for you
So instead I’ll write about how all I can really think about
Is that I preferred your hair before you got it cut.
Urgh - GCSE English Poetry :/
  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
is just a
roller coaster
of ups and of downs
of ins and of outs, twisting,
turning, rising, falling, jerking, gliding,
sometimes you can see the turns coming
sometimes you take them blind,
going with the flow, being
tossed and taken, and
bruised, shaken,
just part of
  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
golden hair
burning up
clear brown eyes
made from muck
salted smile
lipstick tears
just a girl
dead for years
dressed in sunshine
dressed in blood
would they help her?
*no one could
  Nov 2014 MahoganyPumpkin
The match worth nothing
would not light a candle but
fuelled a revolution none the less
- turned out it wasn't nothing
after all.
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