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  Jun 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
You would think she was an actress with the amount of lines she has...
  Apr 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
Jonny Angel
Pictures of dead people I know
are smiling and are so full of life
hanging on my wall
reminding me
to seize this day,
because it's not cliche,
and it won't come again.
  Mar 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
If there's a land that's called tomorrow
and it lies across the sea,
I'd like to find a boat to borrow-
I can bring you there with me.
For everyone who's struggling to find their tomorrow. :)
  Mar 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
I can't stand this prison
with bars made out of
numbers and equations
I need to escape
Give me
an iron spoon
So I can dig my way out
Give me
a sleeping pill
So I can put
the guard to sleep
Steal the key
Unlock the door
Set me free
C'mon, bell
Hurry up and
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