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Qweyku Nov 2016
I speak of love
when I compare you to
sweet summers day
or a rose of its garden

I speak of passage in the sea of time
when I say
forever or always
whichever tide ebbs first.

I speak of knowledge
when I say
the body of a young lady is heavenly
but a womans' decidedly divine

I speak of faith
when I say
nothing good
ever became
without an
inject of pain

I speak of fear
when I used to say
you'd be gone some day
but now I know,
love transcends the grave

© Qwey.ku
Micah Nov 2014
Please tell me you'll fight this fight,
I can't see without your light,
I need you to breathe into my life.

Don't tell me this is goodbye,
I won't grieve - it's not yet time,
Each breath breathed is keeping hope alive

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe

Each breath breathed means we're alive,
And life means that we can find,
The reasons to keep on getting by.

And if reasons we can't find,
We'll make up some to get by,
'Til breath by breath we'll leave this behind.

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe
Qweyku May 2014
Hello again Melancholy.
Why are you so unkind to me?
Is it too much for joy to hover viciously above pain?
For my pain to be less than joy I would give you gold;
But you are too familiar and you know my kin.
Burden has aged my back, bent to understand;
That even in mirth the heart,
can be forlorn.
I would that you were just an acquaintance passing through;
But all your lies cling to me,
How to be rid of you?
Forced to see through the sting of blinded hearts’ tears, the eyes of
Such, sweet, sad, silent, sadness is
My bitter friend masquerading as my enemy

~ QB

— The End —