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Micah Aug 2017
they say the things you do
often perceives they way you're taken,
i think that's how your beauty
is so commonly mistaken.

they see the way you treat him
like he's nothing without you,
but I've spent a lot of time with him,
we both know that's not true.

they saw the look of envy
that crawled across your brow,
as i picked him from the darkness
and said he made me proud.

they watched your acts of bitterness
as they began to eat away at him
and how they only worsened when
I broadened his grin.

they caught the words that slithered
from your mouth into his head,
saying 'You'll never make it in this world'
and 'I wish you'd just drop dead'.

they say that makes you ugly,
when I've seen the way you are-
so desperate to make your mark,
you live to leave him scars.
Micah Jun 2017
I found myself saying:
"I want to relive Monday;
every last moment
til I went home"

and believe me
that was true.

I wanted to feel you close again,
to feel no-one else
but you.

to look out into the depths
of a crowd and still meet the eyes
of you.

to remind me of the friendship,
that blossomed into something more
with you.

to hold your hand and squeeze
it tight when my laugh was caused
by you.

to stroll along the streets without a
care knowing that I
had you.

to feel the way you made me happy
the feeling I hope I give
to you.

to rekindle that padlock security
that I was truly safe
with you.

You see I've come to realise,
or maybe more so hope,
that when it all comes down to it
that I could finally be,
with you.

so with that in mind, I say again,
with joy secure like stone,

*"I want to relive Monday;
every last moment
til I went home"
Micah Jun 2017
go away
get away
while you have the chance

feel the way
know the way
that you hold your stance

close your eye
take a breath
know the way you beat

feel your heart
hold it close
this won't be your feat

caught in time
no escape
seems you're truly stuck

slow it down
see it move
it doesn't give a ****

nor should you
as nor do I
this may be the end

but I ask you
on what you need,
Micah Sep 2016
he wants to say
"I love you"
but he leaves it at

because love will
mean some falling
and she's afraid
of heights
Micah Aug 2016
please forgive me
if I don't talk at times

it's already loud enough
in my mind
Micah Aug 2016
I just hope
someone can relate

so that I'm not
alone in this
Micah Aug 2016
you made flowers
grow in my lungs

and although they
are beautiful

I can't breathe.
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