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 Jun 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
You would think she was an actress with the amount of lines she has...
***** snow on the sidewalk
like someone's old dandruff
and cups of hot chocolate
like murky brown eyes.
Bright knitted jumpers
like over-bright smiles
and fairy-light nooses
like striped knotted ties.
Sleigh bells and reindeer
like slaves' chains a-clanking
and gaily wrapped presents
our cling film wrapped hearts.
Street lamps; a search light -
cars are our convicts
and saccharine kisses
like sour apple tarts.
 May 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
 May 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
i'm sorry for telling the complete truth, for once,
and ruining our blissful ignorance
that wasn't so much blissful at the depths,
but there was a hint of smile inside,
for both of us,
until now
 May 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
is it?
 May 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
is it so hard for you to look past the physicality
of its presence?
is it so hard for you to say hello and find out who i am
underneath it?
is it so hard to make it not matter, to understand that it
covers my head but not
my heart?
is it so hard?
 Apr 2015 MahoganyPumpkin
To feel you without touch,
to see you without vision,
to taste you without tongue,
to clash without collision.

To breathe you without lungs,
to savor without scent,
to listen without sound,
to sin without repent.

To live without a life,
to calm without a breath,
to fall without a break,
to die without a death.
I'll be saving my love for you.
© Nicole ***
Pictures of dead people I know
are smiling and are so full of life
hanging on my wall
reminding me
to seize this day,
because it's not cliche,
and it won't come again.
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